Insta360 Karman Space Program

Students Send Insta360 X3 Nearly 20 Miles High

Hot on the heels of Insta360 announcing the Go 3, a compact and enjoyable action camera, Insta360 has highlighted the work of Karman Space Program (KSP), a student-led team aiming to reach space using a reusable rocket. During the team's work, it has been using Insta360 cameras to capture incredible and unique perspectives of Earth, including during a recent high-altitude balloon test, Project Eclipse.

Stop Motion Hyperlapse tutorial

How to Make an Awesome Stop-Motion, Hyperlapse Video

Insta360 recently released the Insta360 Flow smartphone stabilizer, and it can do some amazing things for stop-motion video creation. However, users don't need the AI-powered Flow gimbal to take advantage of these awesome stop-motion and hyperlapse video tips.

Insta360 Flow Review: Great Promise, Big Hype, Major Problems

The Insta360 Flow is a gimbal for smartphones that, on paper, looks like the perfect solution for vlogging, YouTube creators, and social media influencers. The Insta360 Flow’s promise is artificial intelligence (AI) tracking in a compact gimbal that can be folded and taken anywhere.