The Insta360 Studio Update Allows for More Flexible Video Editing

Three screenshots of the Insta360 Studio app layered against a black background.

Insta360 has announced a significant update to its desktop video editing app, Insta360 Studio. The new version allows for more flexible editing and extra controls for putting together videos.

Insta360 is a GoPro alternative action camera brand. While the company’s 360-degree cameras stand out, it also offers more traditional action cameras for those who don’t need the 360-degree view. Insta360 seems to be constantly releasing new features and firmware updates to its cameras to improve them, along with frequent accessory releases as well.

This time, the update isn’t to a camera but to its editing software. Insta360 offers both a smartphone-based editing app and a desktop version, giving users flexibility in how they like to edit videos. Thus far, though, the desktop version, dubbed Insta360 Studio, had some limitations that made it a bit frustrating to use.

A screenshot of the Insta360 Studio app.

The new version of the desktop app adds a few long-awaited productivity features that will be very useful. It now allows users to combine multiple clips in the same timeline, which previously required using a different program. That was a pain, so it’s nice to see this has been addressed. The update also provides the ability to work on multiple projects at the same time, with easy switching back and forth. The software works with both 360 and flat video as well, allowing for much more dynamic, varied content.

Beyond productivity, the updated version of Insta360 Studio gets some new tools for creativity. Users will be able to add background music and text in Insta360 Studio, as opposed to needing to move to a different program for that. There’s a wide selection of free songs to choose from, or users can upload their own .mp3 files. Transitions have also been added, with a library of camera movements, special effects, and full 360 options like Tiny Plant or barrel roll.

A speed editor has also been integrated into the program for even more control over the speed of clips in the timeline. It even allows users to adjust the speed of multiple clips at once. Adding keyframes now takes a single click, as opposed to the two-step process that existed before. Finally, a new General Media folder helps to keep files (videos, photos, or music) that get used frequently in one, easy-to-access place. That’s especially handy for those who add logos, title screens, endcards, or regular music to their videos.

Videos from the Insta360 Studio app are easy to export and save, saving users time when wrapping things up. But most crucially, the desktop editing app is still totally free to download and use. There’s no subscription fee, and no features are held behind a paywall, which is great to see. It’s available for both Windows and Apple’s macOS and is compatible with all of Insta360’s consumer action cameras.

Image credits: Photographs by Insta360