The Insta360 Ski Pole Mount Makes Epic Videos on the Slopes Easier

A skier shreds down a snowy mountain slope while holding the Insta360 Ski Pole Mount.

Although action camera mounts are simple pieces of equipment, they can completely change the type of footage possible. That’s especially true with 360-degree cameras. Insta360 aims to offer more creative and easier filming solutions with its new Ski Pole Mount.

Thus far, finding a way to mount an action camera while skiing has been a bit tricky. Using the camera while mounted to a helmet or on the chest limits the angles available, which isn’t ideal when recording with a 360-degree camera like the X3. Holding a selfie stick also isn’t a great option, as it means forgoing a second ski pole, which can be risky in some situations. It also does away with the natural skiing motion in videos.

The Ski Pole Mount is a unique solution for getting epic, natural-looking shots on the slopes. It allows users to mount a selfie stick to a ski pole without limiting use of the pole. The mount simply snaps onto the ski pole underneath the grip position. Users can extend or retract the selfie stick as needed, just like normal. They can also adjust the angle of the mount to be ahead of or behind the skier.

The adapters that come with the Insta360 Ski Pole Mount
The Insta360 Ski Pole Mount comes with adapters to work with a variety of ski poles.

The Insta360 Ski Pole Mount is compatible with ski poles from 14mm to 22mm in diameter and comes with multiple adapters to ensure a secure fit. However, it does not come with the selfie stick needed to record footage, so users will need to purchase that separately if they don’t already own one. Insta360 suggests using the Action Invisible Selfie Stick, the 70cm Invisible Selfie Stick, or the 114cm Invisible Selfie Stick.

A person skis down a snowy slope while holding the Insta360 Ski Pole Mount.

Insta360 says it worked tirelessly to optimize the center of gravity of the mount during the design process to ensure users will be able to ski as normal without any balance changes. It claims that the ski pole will feel just as comfortable as normal. It seems likely that there will be a slight adjustment period, however.

One of the best features is that the mount and selfie stick don’t need to be removed when skiers stop in for a snack on the slopes or wait in line for the lift. Users simply need to shorten the selfie stick and tuck it in to align with the ski pole.

The Insta360 Ski Pole Mount is available in time for prime ski season for $35.

Image credits: Insta360