Insta360 Adds 4K Capture its Thumb-Sized Go 3S Camera

A person's hand is tossing a small, white action camera with a lens, set against a white background. Behind the camera, the text "4K" is prominently displayed in large, blue letters. The image highlights the camera's ability to capture 4K resolution video.

Insta360 announced the Go 3S, which most notably adds 4K video capture along with a new Interval Video mode, compatibility with Apple Find My, and waterproofing down to 33 feet (10 meters).

The Go 3 was announced almost a year ago and the new 3S makes some not insignificant upgrades to the tiny camera system without compromising on the tiny form factor. This minute camera has a magnetic body and weighs a scant 1.4 ounces (39 grams) so it can be attached easily to clothing, hats, and other small objects. While it was limited to sub-4K capture before, that changes with the Go 3S.

A white Insta360 GO 3 action camera is shown mounted on its charging case with its round lens facing forward. The case has a screen displaying a smiling group selfie of two adults and a child, with the text "Insta360 GO 3" on the side of the case.

Now capable of capturing 4K at 30 frames per second, the Go 3S gets what Insta360 promises is noticeably sharper and clearer images thanks to an enhanced chip with 50% more computing power. It also has an improved wide-angle lens.

Insta360 says the image quality boost of the Go 3S can be seen in three other areas as well. First is the MegaView FOV, which digitally fixes distortion to give footage a more “realistic” look. Second is that thanks to the greater dynamic range and enhanced details that the 3S can capture, the tiny camera is Dolby Vision-ready. Finally, slow motion also sees an upgrade with up to 200 frames per second in 1080p and 100 frames per second in 2.7K.

A light-colored cat with a camera attached to its collar sits on a rug in a cozy room. In the background, there is a carpeted cat tree and a shelf. The cat looks slightly upwards with curiosity.

The Go 3S introduces the Interval Video mode, which lets users set how often the camera should shoot and for how long. The Go 3S will then turn itself on, shoot the series of clips, and then power down again so users won’t have to manually manage the camera. Insta360 also added compatibility with Apple Find My, making it easy to track in case it gets lost (which may be pretty easy considering how small the camera is).

A person wearing a green jacket and a beige cap holds a small camera to their forehead while standing outdoors. The background features a body of water and a partially blurry shoreline with greenery.

Insta360 added an “Easy Switch” which changes the aspect ratio from horizontal to vertical with just a twist, native waterproofing down to 33 feet, and AI gesture control which lets users start or stop shooting when the camera is out of reach.

A person in a blue shirt and white t-shirt holds a small digital camera towards the viewer. The background is a blurry urban setting with buildings on either side. The focus is on the camera, highlighting its compact size and sleek design.

The Action Pod is unchanged from the Go 3 and acts as an all-in-one housing, remote control, and charger for the tiny camera. Insta360 also includes a magnet pendant, easy clip, pivot stand, and lens guard with every Go 3S.

Insta360 GO 3S is available to order worldwide from today starting at $399.99.

Image credits: Insta360