Insta360 Ace Pro Action Cam Gets New Features and Permanent Price Cut

A gloved hand holding an Insta360 Ace Pro action camera, pointed toward a camera mount set against a clear blue sky.

Insta360 issued a massive firmware update to its action camera, the Insta360 Ace Pro, and announced it’s dropping the price — permanently.

The Insta360 Ace Pro‘s firmware updates cover a litany of new and improved features.

The 360 Horizon Lock, which keeps footage steady despite movement, is now available in-camera. To use the feature, users completely rotate the camera to ensure the video stays upright and level. This works in Video Mode, Active HDR, and Loop Recording.

Since the Insta360 is an action camera, users are likely going to bring it outside quite often. But anytime photographers move out of the studio, they lose control over ambient conditions. The Insta360 Ace Pro firmware update offers an audio solution via improved wind noise reduction. The company says this provides crisp audio straight from the camera.

For those looking to use external audio, the Insta360 Ace Pro can now connect to more devices via Bluetooth, including the Apple AirPods (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation), Pro (1st and 2nd Generation), Cardo Helmet Headsets, and Sena Helmet Headsets. The Ace Pro can also connect to the DJI Mic (the original and newer second-gen version) for hands-free voice control as of the latest firmware update.

Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro

The firmware even helps users trying to shoot underwater with improved Gesture Control accuracy. Underwater image quality got a revamp as well, producing more realistic skin tones, better white balance, and less noise, according to the company.

In low light, the Ace Pro gets better anti-flickering. Additionally, PureVideo, which is Insta360’s AI-powered tool that improves video quality in low light, now supports Pre-Recording. This allows users to record 15 or 30 seconds of footage prior to hitting the shutter button.

The firmware update includes plenty of other smaller enhancements. Burst Photo now has Clarity Zoom, so users can zoom in without losing image quality, and Playback and AI Highlights now have improved interfaces.

Possibly most notably, though, is that these changes come amid a permanent price drop. The Ace Pro dropped last week by $50 to $400. Through Europe, excluding Russia, a 10 percent discount also took effect Monday. The Ace, too saw a $50 price cut, going from $350 to $300. The 20 percent discount also applies to Europe, except Russia.

Insta360 said a firmware update will arrive on the standard Ace model soon.

Image credits: Insta360