Insta360 Brings Its Clever AI Warp Effects Feature to More Action Cams

Insta360 is keeping busy in the new year with plenty of announcements. Following the release of a new mount for skiing, the company has revealed that its powerful AI Warp feature will be available on even more products.

Insta360 first announced the AI Warp editing tool with its new Ace and Ace Pro cameras, which were released in November last year. These cameras both offer a slew of AI-based and computational features for more flexibility, higher quality, and easier use. They ditch the 360-degree footage of most of the company’s previous cameras, opting for a more traditional action camera form factor and output.

The more expensive camera of the two, the Ace Pro, features the industry’s first Type 1/1.3 image sensor capable of video up to 8K at 24 frames per second (fps), or 4K at 120 fps, and 48-megapixel photos. It also offers a Leica lens. The Ace uses a smaller Type 1/2 sensor with a non-Leica lens.

Insta360 has long offered unique editing tools in its app. These tools simplify the editing process, making it more approachable to those with no editing experience while simultaneously opening up new creative possibilities. The AI Warp feature tackles both.

After shooting a video, users can sync their files in the Insta360 app and open the Shot Lab to begin editing. Clips using the AI Warp feature can only be between four and 15 seconds long, so they will need to be trimmed before using the tool. From there, users can choose to have the effect for the entire length of the clip or only for part of it. It’s also possible to apply the AI effect to the scene as a whole or only specific sections, which creators can select using a brush tool.

After making the initial selections and trims, users can simply type in a prompt or choose from one of Insta360’s presets. The sample clips show backgrounds changing into space-themed drawings or the subject becoming a cartoon. Insta360 says that users will have access to three free AI Warp uses a day.

The AI Warp feature will be compatible with the X3, X2, ONE X, GO 3, GO 2, ONE RS 1-Inch 360, ONE RS, ONE R, Flow, and Sphere. That’s essentially every Insta360 camera, from very entry-level to high-end devices, opening up the creative doors for all users.

Image credits: Featured image courtesy of Insta360