Insta360 Celebrates World Ocean Day By Testing if the X4 is Shark-Proof

A scuba diver with a camera kneels on the ocean floor while a large shark swims nearby. The diver is wearing a wetsuit, flippers, a mask, and an oxygen tank. The underwater scene includes a sandy bottom, rocks, and other fish in the background.

For World Ocean Day, adventure camera maker Insta360 decided to test just how shark-proof its cameras are — while giving back to the mighty fish.

In a video, Insta360 left a camera for a shark to take a bite of, testing how it’ll fare in the jaws of the underwater beast. Of course, the camera, a 360-degree action camera Insta360 X4 inside an Invisible Dive Case, is still rolling while this is happening, allowing viewers to see what it’s like to be eaten by a shark without, well, actually being eaten by a shark. The video shows as the fish’s jaws close around the camera with only a slit of light remaining by the jagged rows of teeth. Unfortunately for the shark, the Insta360 doesn’t seem very tasty or edible so it releases the gadget before moving on.

But Insta360 isn’t only “feeding” the sharks. The camera company also partnered with the non-profit organization Deep Sea Guardians and pledged to donate $1 for every comment left on the video within the first 72 hours of its posting.

“Human impact has already caused us to lose more than 70% of shark populations, devastating ocean ecosystems,” Insta360’s Instagram Reel caption reads.

This led to its partnership with Deep Sea Guardians to help protect marine wildlife. The move has been successful in the past as well, working with Deep Sea Guardians and capturing footage from inside the mouths of sharks in prior years.

“Social media is one of the main and most powerful tools we’re using,” Zimy, an Insta360 creator and the founder of Deep Sea Guardians. “We constantly share images to inform people about what’s happening to the world’s oceans and that we are losing sharks at an alarming rate. We’ve run several social media campaigns, gathering millions of views. We also collaborate with brands like Insta360 that already have major platforms and communities to reach as many people as possible with our message and amplify the positive impact we can have on sharks by changing people’s perceptions and making them aware of this issue.”

Insta360 also posted a collection of four cinematic shots in a YouTube video, showcasing the sea off of Rota Island with footage from the Insta360 X4 and Insta360 Ace Pro cameras.

Image credits: Insta360