The Best Software for Recovering Deleted Photos in 2022

Industry professionals recommend that photographers backup files locally on an external hard drive as well as with a cloud service. Even the best of us don’t always do this, which means we may delete files we never meant to, or we may lose them if something happens to our devices.

Photoshop’s ‘Save As’ Function Has Changed. Here’s Why

As part of its May 2021 release of Photoshop on Desktop -- version 22.4 -- Adobe made a significant change to how the "Save As" command works. Rather than continuing to act as it has across applications on all computers for decades, Adobe altered the basic functionality and has left users baffled.

10 of the Best Studio Management Apps for Photographers

Whether you’re a new photographer or a seasoned veteran in your field, keeping track of things in your photography business from emails to schedules, clients and payments can be very overbearing. The more you and your business grow, the more help you need; reminders, sticky notes just don’t cut it.