Photo Scout App Will Tell You When It’s Just the Right Time for a Photo

A woman takes a photo of the Arc de Triomphe using the Photo Scout app.

A new app by Cascable aims to remove the furious weather app checking before snapping the perfect shot. Called Photo Scout, it will instead notify users when the conditions are just right.

Depending on the situation this might mean analyzing wind speeds, sun and moon positions, moon phases and cycles, and sunlight cycles, sunset vibrancy, and weather. The Photo Scout app will send users a notification when conditions are right and it has widget support, so it’s possible to keep an eye on all the these details from an iPhone’s home screen.

Three screenshots show the Photo Scout app, including (from left to right) template, the Instant Inspiration feature, and tracking the location of the sun.

With Photo Scout, photographers can schedule photo shoots in advanced based on the conditions within a specific time frame. There’s also an Instant Inspiration option, which looks at upcoming conditions to make recommendations within a given area.

“Often when I’m travelling (and even at home!), I love to take cool photos. This might mean having the sun in a particular location in the sky, or the weather doing a certain thing. Maybe it’s nighttime and I want to take a beautiful photo of the Milky Way or the northern lights, and for that I need a clear sky and a new moon so it’s perfectly dark for the best view of the stars. Maybe I want to use my drone, which means checking the wind speed to make sure it’s safe to fly,” a release reads. And thus the inspiration for the Photo Scout app was born.

An image shows an example of how Photo Scout can be used to find the right setting for an astrophotography setup.

With Photo Scout, it should be easier to keep a consistent profile when shooting over multiple days, and there’s less worry of heading out too late and missing the best ray of golden hour.

An image shows an example of how Photo Scout can be used to find the right setting for a sunset image.

Photo Scout is available to download now from the Apple App store. There are two payment tiers: Hobbyist lets users save up to five scenes, provides hourly data updates, shows basic weather data, sends notifications the day before a photo opportunity becomes available, and offers the Instant Inspiration for one day for $25 a year. The Professional level gives unlimited scenes, more frequent data updates, extended weather data customizable notifications, Instant Inspiration for three days, home screen widgets, custom icons, and features for $40 a year.

There is also a one-week free trial and a limited-time launch discount for the first year, available to annual subscribers.

Image credits: Cascable