Reimagine App Upscales, Colors, and Animates Your Old Family Photos

Reimagine App

The Reimagine app from MyHeritage combines multiple artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into a single service that can scan, enhance, colorize, and animate family photos to “bring them to life.”

MyHeritage is an online genealogy platform that has in recent years expanded its offerings to include AI-based features that both restores old photos and also animates them. The company’s Photo Enhancer uses deep learning technology to turn blurry or faded family photos into sharp images while its Deep Nostalgia AI can turn still photos into moving portraits.

Reimagine is its latest “innovative” tool and it combines all of the company’s offerings into one app that can scan whole album pages at a time, enhance them, colorize them, animate them, and allow for easy sharing.

Reimagine App

The company says Reimagine combines the power of a high-speed photo scanner its AI technologies to automatically detect and crop scanned photos and can do so with multiple photos at a time, digitizing full album pages at once.

Reimagine App

Once a photo is scanned, the app is able to “improve historical photos” by colorizing them if they’re only in black and white or restoring faded colors in the case of very old snapshots. The tech can also repair and remove creases and scratches and enhance resolution.

Reimagine App

It even has Deep Nostalgia baked right in, allowing users to add animation to their old photos. Additionally, the app allows users to add audio recordings to photos, which MyHeritage says helps preserve the stories behind each photo and create a truly immersive experience.

The app and its features integrates with the rest of MyHeritage’s offerings, including its family tree platform and the ability to use its photo tagging capabilities to identify individuals.

MyHeritage calls Reimagine a “responsible and ethical AI,” as watermarks are added to photos manipulated using AI features, which it says ensures transparency and respect for the original content.

Reimagine is free to download on the Apple App Store, but offers multiple subscription options in order to gain access to all the features. It costs $7.99 per month or up to $49.99 per year.

Image credits: MyHeritage