Picsart is Adding an In-App Community Feature Called ‘Spaces’

Picsart Spaces

Picsart — one of the most popular mobile photo editors and graphic design tools — has announced Spaces, a new in-app community designed to encourage creative connection and collaboration.

While Picsart already had some features that could be described as social-lite, Spaces is a new dedicated section of the app that allows users to interact within interest-driven communities as opposed to just browsing content by specific creators or topic. Basically, the tool will allows users to actually engage with each other with and through visual content.

Spaces previously launched in beta to a small subset of users with a select number of topics: Generative AI, Pets, K-Pop, and Nature Photography are a handful of the most popular communities that were formed during the beta period.

Picsart Spaces

Picsart says that to date, the Spaces features is seeing engagement rates that are “double the industry standard” and Spaces users generate 15 times more content and experiencing 20 times more post engagement across the Picsart platform. Those numbers clearly reinforce the company’s choice to roll the feature out more widely.

Picsart Spaces

“What makes us unique is our vibrant global community — but, with millions of users comes different topics and passions driving content creation on our platform,” Boris Park, Picsart’s VP of Product, says. “Spaces is about taking these interests and giving our users the ability to connect with other like-minded creators. To get inspired, learn and collaborate around the things they love, and find their own little pocket of community within Picsart.”

Feedback the company references shows that users appreciate Spaces because of how it helps them learn skills they otherwise would have struggled to grasp alone.

Picsart Spaces

“I had limited technical skills when I joined Spaces just a few months ago and it’s been wonderful in providing a hands-on learning experience,” one user says.

Picsart says its goals from the beginning have been to build an accessible creative community — that’s in line with what Picsart’s founder and CEO Hovhannes Avoyan told PetaPixel in an interview last June. Spaces, then, is a natural extension of that goal and the company says that these communities will be available to help anyone get support, find inspiration, and learn the necessary skills to grow their capabilities.

Picsart Spaces

Spaces launches today across all platforms in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. The company says it plans to roll out Spaces to the entire platform eventually, but did not provide a specific timeline for that at the time of publication.

Image credits: Picsart