The Photon App for iPhone Lets You Save Photos Directly to External SSD

Photon app

Photon, a relatively new photography app for iOS, released an update that now allows photographers to save photos captured on the new iPhone 15 series directly to SSDs connected via USB-C.

Reported by TechCrunch, update version 1.7.1 of Photon now fully supports shooting directly to USB-C drives. Of note, that’s not the same thing as exporting photos to an attached SSD, which requires additional steps.

The app, which is developed by LateNiteSoft, says that this capability allows photographers to seamlessly connect an external storage device and immediately speed up workflows. Rather than needing to wait for photos to upload to the cloud, transfer over AirDrop, or to be sent via iMessage, photos will simply exist on the SSD straightaway.

“Just shoot, unplug from your phone, and plug the drive into your computer for editing,” LateNiteSoft says. “Transfer, and store your photos with ease using USB-C drives. Enjoy greater flexibility, and reliability when handling your valuable memories.”

In addition to being able to treat the iPhone more like a standalone camera (that is to say, using a memory card for photo management, not a camera’s operating system), LateNiteSoft adds that the feature also basically removes any storage limitations photographers might have without such a feature.

“Say goodbye to storage limitations. Enjoy shooting in Pro RAW, but regret getting an iPhone with smaller storage? We’ve got you covered. Photon’s new feature empowers you to work without device boundaries, and take your photography to the next level,” the company says.

Photon is available as a subscription for $3.99 per month or $19.99 per year. It’s not the developer’s first go at a camera app either: LateNiteSoft also created the Camera+ app. Camera+ was originally launched in 2010 and has been iterated on multiple times since and over the last decade-plus it has become one of the most popular camera apps for the iPhone. LateNiteSoft created Camera+ 2 in 2018 to replace the original aging app and added a desktop studio platform for the Mac in 2021. Last year, Camera+ 2 got an artificial intelligence-driven image upscaler, showing the company’s dedication to adding new features to the application.

Now the company is giving Photon the same treatment, and the addition of direct SSD storage is unlikely to be the end of LateNiteSoft’s addition of features to the app.

Image credits: Photon