Picsart Adds AI Enhancement Tool to Upscale and Improve Photos

Picsart has announced a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that it says removes noise, upscales images to higher resolution, and improves overall image quality.

With over a billion users making it the top 20 most downloaded app in the world, Picsart is adding new functionality to both its business and individual creator platforms. Called AI Enhance, the new tool upscales images while also improving the overall quality for the purposes of printing or sharing online.

Picsart says that AI Enhance uses advanced AI models to remove or blur pixelated effects, add pixels, and sharpen and restore scenes and objects, including faces.

The company says that, traditionally, this type of technology has been limited to expensive software with limited quality, but Picsart is offering the tool as easy-to-use, high-quality, and at a low cost.

“Even with the amazing advancement of camera technology, we still find that many images aren’t high quality enough to satisfy all creative needs,” Humphrey Shi, Chief Scientist at Picsart and Founder of Picsart AI Research, says.

“Now users can easily apply AI Enhance to any image and increase the quality and resolution in seconds, and we’re excited to provide this ability to not only our creator community but businesses using Picsart as well. ”

Below are a few samples of AI Enhance in action, provided by Picsart:

AI Enhance is being made available as part of Picsart’s API for business, which it launched earlier this year, and is also coming to the Picsart app as a way for users to improve or restore the quality of facial elements in photos. The company says that the version that is available in the Picsart app to start with isn’t the end-all and intends to expand upon it in the coming weeks.

Heavily Investing in AI

Since it concluded a Series C funding at a valuation of about $1.5 billion last year, Picsart has been heavily investing in AI. It launched Piscart AI Research (PAIR), which is its own in-house AI research and development arm which has helped it produce its one-touch Remove Background tool as well as its AI-generated fonts.

Picsart wants to continue to offer easy-to-use creative solutions at fair pricing in a package that is fun to use. In an interview with PetaPixel, the company’s founder and CEO Hovhannes Avoyan emphasized that it wants to be the best place for photo and video editing.

“We have ambitions to be the biggest photo and video editing platform,” he says. “We will stay independent, become a public company when the time is right, grow as big as we can, and fulfill our mission which is to empower the creator in all of us, everywhere.”