Photo Editing Apps Are Used More Than Video, News, and Dating Apps

Holding smartphone

A new survey has revealed that photo editing apps are more regularly used by smartphone users than video, news, and dating apps.

According to Statista‘s Global Consumer Survey which was published earlier this month, photo editing apps are regularly used by roughly four in 10 smartphone users across several major markets.

While this puts photo editing apps behind more basic apps such as email, browsers, social media, or messengers, it puts them far ahead of news, video, dating, and fitness apps in terms of usage.

Statista surveyed 1,700 to 8,100 smartphone users per country between October 2021 to September 2022.

According to the survey, 46 percent of smartphone users in Canada regularly use photo editing apps — compared to 42 percent of users in Spain.

In the U.S., 42 percent of smartphone users regularly use photo editing apps, while 40 percent of users in China and India do the same.

The data suggests that photo editing apps are a little less popular in the U.K. — with only 25 percent of smartphone users regularly using them.

Meanwhile, 39 percent and 37 percent of smartphone users regularly use photo editing apps in France and Germany respectively.

Statista also noted that camera and photo editing apps often rank highly among the highest-grossing apps on smartphone and show modern users’ willingness to spend money in order to improve their digital presence.

The continued consumer demand for photo editing apps has been seen with the recent success of Lensa AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) powered photo editing app Lensa has been around since 2018. It offers an array of tools that includes allowing users to remove objects from photos, remove blemishes from selfies, and change backgrounds.

However, the photo-editing app soared in popularity in the last few weeks after its AI selfie generator “Magic Avatars” went viral.

It held on to the number one spot in the U.S. on Apple’s App Store charts for two weeks and the explosion of interest in Lensa pushed other AI photo-editing apps into top spots.

On Tuesday, three of the top four apps on Apple’s App Store charts in the U.S. were held by AI photo editors, and there were even more AI art apps that are making new appearances in the Top 100.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.