This Vietnamese Photographer Has Strange Ways of Framing His Shots

22-year-old Vietnamese photographer Nguyen Dinh An is making headlines in his country. The attention isn’t for his photographs, but for the bizarre way in which he captures those photos. As the video above shows, Nguyen turns framing his pictures into something of a performance art.
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external The First Family of Instagram —NYTimes

firstfamilyYou could call them the “First Family of Instagram” with mama Phillips toting both @food and @baking accounts with over 350k followers combined, her son Tom Eswein at @realestate with 4.2k followers and growing, and daughter Liz Eswein managing @newyorkcity with a whopping 1.1 million followers.

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Cycling Water Bottles Designed to Look like Rolls of Classic Films


San Francisco-based cycling team/brand Mash SF is selling a line of “Purist” water bottles that are inspired by the designs of classic film stocks. So far there’s Kodachrome, Fuji Velvia, Ilford HP5, and Agfa Pro 200.

The bottles hold 22oz of liquid, have Moflo caps on top, and cost $10 each from the Mash SF store.

external Concert Photography Restrictions Are A Disconcerting Trend —

Is it protecting intellectual property? Is it safeguarding your “image”? Or is it mere vanity?

Whatever the “reason” – and I put that in quotes because I’ll tell you right up front, I don’t think there is a valid one – more and more artists and bands are restricting professional and amateur concert photography.

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What NOT to Say to a Photographer


Graphic designer Luca Masini of Zerouno Design created a series of graphics that feature questions or phrases that commonly annoy photographers.
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Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson: Two Baseball Stars Turned Pro Photographers


Famous professional athletes have all kinds of post-playing careers. Some stay involved as coaches, others become TV analysts for the sports they love, and a few strike it rich in business as entrepreneurs. For at least two former baseball stars, their interests have led them down a different path: professional photography.
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After Being Left at the Altar, Bride Turns Heartbreak Into an Epic ‘Trash the Dress’ Photo Shoot

Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (158 of 319)

Less than a week before Shelby Swink’s wedding in November 2014, her fiancé sat her down, told her he did not love her, and just like that, the wedding was off. As she mourned the abrupt end of her four-year relationship, the idea of a “trash the dress” photo shoot came up. Swink decided that it would be the perfect way for her to mark the occasion and let go of the pain, so she enlisted the help of photographer Elizabeth Hoard to set the photo shoot in motion.
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Sister Pranks Her Brother with Video Selfies Over the Course of a Year

Here’s a lighthearted video that’s going viral on the Internet: over the course of 2014, Jillian Haker repeatedly pranked her brother by getting him to make ridiculous poses for selfie photos while she was actually capturing video. The guy fell for it pretty much every time (warning: there’s quite a bit of profanity as a result).

“I don’t think this trick will ever get old,” Haker writes.

external Food Is To Be Enjoyed, Not Instagrammed —The Guardian

And when the shimmying waiter delivers the perfect plate, getting hung up on its beauty is a kind of betrayal of what cooking’s about. Good food should appeal to all the senses, except maybe hearing, though there are probably exceptions even to that. A picture can only reproduce rather inadequately one facet of the experience.

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Photographer Shoots Fantasy Portraits of Stray Dogs in Cyprus to Help Get Them Adopted


When photographer Stuart Holroyd moved to Cyprus in March 2014, he heard about a woman named Kayte Wilson-Smith who runs a small rescue center for stray, abused, and/or abandoned dogs. It’s called Bay Tree Rescue, is funded entirely by Wilson-Smith’s pension and donations, and houses roughly 60 dogs at any given time.

Holroyd wanted to get involved in the project, so he decided to use his photography background to help. His “Bay Tree Project” is a series of fantasy portraits of the dogs that are meant to raise funds, awareness, and adoptions.
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