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100-Year-Old Negatives and Camera Found Inside Oklahoma City Time Capsule


Almost a year to date after the digging up and opening of Oklahoma City’s Century Chest, researchers are getting a rare glimpse at early 20th century Oklahoma City thanks to the help of a Kodak Vest Pocket Camera and eight negatives found in “pristine condition” buried inside the time capsule. Read more…

Using a 20×24-inch Polaroid to Take Honest Portraits of Movie Stars

Chuck Close Polaroid-002

Print of Robert De Niro just out of the camera (screen capture from the video ‘Up Close and Personal’)

Created by Polaroid in 1976, the 20×24-inch instant camera is one of the most unusual and massive pieces of photographic history you can get your hands on (if you’re lucky enough… or have the dough). Fortunately for those of you who want to see the cam in action, photographer Chuck Close managed to do just that in a series of images for Vanity Fair’s 20th Hollywood issue. Read more…

RAW Beauty Talks: Empowering Portraits of Women Without Make Up or Photoshop

Sophie Miriam Emily Alden - MelissaGidneyPhoto

If you browse around online, even if you stay away from the magazine covers with their models liquified into long-legged oblivion, you will be hard-pressed to find professional portraits of women that are as honest and raw as the ones featured on RAW Beauty Talks.

That’s because this organization, dedicated to empowering women through portrait photography and an honest conversation about beauty, doesn’t just do away with photo manipulation in its portraits… it does away with anything meant to enhance or cover up the way the models actually look. Read more…

external So… Apparently Instagram Wedding Photography is a Thing Now —DIY Photography

There I was, at my client’s insistence, to deliver her wedding album. We’d been talking for a bit, when suddenly…


are you a wedding photographer?” I confirmed that I was — as well as other types of photography — and politely tried getting back to my conversation.

“Me too!” came the excited reply. ”Of course, I’m a more modern kind of wedding photographer.”


“What do you mean by ‘more modern?’” I ask, regretting it even as the words were leaving my mouth.

“Oh — I’m an Instagram wedding photographer.”

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Group Sneaks Camera into Supreme Court, Gives Us First Ever Glimpse Inside

An advocacy group concerned with the issue of campaign finance reform recently managed to capture some footage that has never been captured before: video from inside the Supreme Court. Read more…

Lice Expert Says Selfies are Causing a Big Increase in Lice Among Teens


“Selfies are fun,” California lice expert Marcy McQuillan recently told the SFist, “but the consequences are real.” What consequences, you ask? Well, as you might have already guessed given McQuillan’s occupation, the consequences she is referring to are head lice. Namely, a lot more head lice among teenagers. Read more…

external “Inside the Music Video That Photoshopped a Singer in Real Time” —Wired

The seamless effect is the result of painstakingly layering six shots, each set up in-camera to represent a different stage of the retouching process. Some artificial elements were added to the “natural” version at the beginning and removed later to enhance the transformative illusion. And just to make things that much harder, the production team also had to make two versions, one in French and another in Hungarian.

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NYC Ballet Enlists Street Art Photog’s Help to Make an Epic Impression on Its Patrons

New York City Ballet

If you walk into the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center right now, you’ll very quickly find your jaw on the floor alongside the reason for its gaping state. Stretched across the entire promenade of the theatre is a large-scale photo installation that has well-dressed ballet-goers so enthralled they’re laying down on the floor, striking poses and climbing up several flights of stairs to get a better view of the massive photograph. Read more…

Former Supermodel Talks Photoshop and the Narrowing Definition of Beauty

Here’s an interesting video that offers a perspective we don’t often get on the whole “anti-Photoshop,” “what really is ‘Beauty’” debate. In this short interview, former supermodel Paulina Porizkova gives her take on an industry she left behind in the mid-nineties. Read more…

John Stanmeyer Shares the Story Behind His World Press Photo of the Year

Controversy over the World Press Photo organization and the way they handle their judging aside, most people were in agreement that photographer John Stanmeyer deserved the award he received this year. In the above video, the World Press Photo winner shares some insight as to how his widely-praised photograph came to be. Read more…