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That Time I Said ‘F*** No’ to a Hotel’s ‘Advertising Opportunity’

My name is Ryan Horban and I’m a wedding photographer based in Southern California. I shoot 30+ weddings a year, drink IPAs because they are tasty and get me buzzed, have an amazing family that I absolutely love, and won’t be staying at a Sheraton Hotel anytime in the near future unless I’m kidnapped by terrorists and held against my will at a Sheraton property.

Clever Half-and-Half Photos by a Couple on Opposite Sides of the World

Seok Li and Danbi Shin are an couple who create art together as Shinliart. A while back, their relationship turned into a long-distance one: Shin is currently living in New York City and Li lives in Seoul, South Korea.

They may be on opposite sides of the world, but they haven't let distance get in the way of their creativity. The couple's collaborative Instagram account features half-and-half split-screen photos that blend their two worlds in beautiful ways.

Mirrored: Photos Show the Parallels of Two Cities on Opposite Sides of the Globe

"Mirrored" is a photo project that was a collaboration between photographers Markus Andersen and Elif Suyabatmaz. It's a series of diptychs showing daily life on opposite ends of the globe: Andersen is based out of Sydney, Australia, and Suyabatmaz is based out of Istanbul, Turkey. In each pair of images, the selected photos "mirror each other in both obvious and subtle ways."

Oppo Slaps a Motorized Selfie Camera on Its Latest Smartphone

Oppo, the Chinese company behind some of the most unusual smartphones we've ever reported on, is back at it again with the N3. The successor to the N1 smartphone they released last September, the new N3 takes the lineup’s instantly recognizable swivel camera to the next level by giving it a motor.

Mars Rover Opportunity Commemorates 10 Years on Mars by Sending Home a Selfie

When the Mars Rover Opportunity landed on our planetary neighbor on January 25th, 2004 it was undertaking a three-month mission. Well, it's a full decade later and the little guy is still alive and kickin' (in a robotic kind of way).

And what better way to celebrate that achievement then by taking a good ol' fashioned, 2014-like selfie?

Photo Opportunities: An Interview with Artist Corinne Vionnet

Corinne Vionnet is a visual artist based in Switzerland. Her work has been exhibited at Jenisch Museum, Vevey, Switzerland; Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona; Les Rencontres d'Arles; Fotomuseum, Antwerp; La Maison Européenne de la photographie, Paris; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver; Art Museum, Sion, Switzerland; Chelsea Art Museum, New York and the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne.

Corinne Vionnet's series Photo Opportunities explores our fascination with famous landmarks throughout the world. Through the process of combining hundreds of snapshots of popular tourist destinations, she is able to create a collective impression of how these places are represented, and how we imagine them in our own minds.

These images are made by not one single point of view, but many, and they have the ability to open conversation about how images connect us; and about the ways in which we share thoughts and experiences about common subjects.

OPPO Will Integrate MemsCam ‘Take Now, Focus Later’ Tech Into Future Smartphones

If you've been wishing and hoping for Lytro-like 'take now, focus later" technology to appear in smartphones, it looks like a couple of different companies are planning on making that wish come true. Not only did Toshiba announce its own refocusing module just a couple of weeks ago, it seems OPPO will be putting similar tech into their future camera phones too.

The OPPO N1 Smartphone is the World’s First to Feature a Rotating Camera

Back in July, Chinese electronics company OPPO confirmed that it was working on an "N-Lens" line of camera-centric devices that would be the "most important flagship series for OPPO going forward."

Well, the first of these devices has officially arrived, and although it is still more of a smartphone with a camera than a camera that can make calls, the phone packs some interesting features, including (according to OPPO) the world's first rotating smartphone camera.

OPPO to Create a Line of Camera-Centric Devices to Rival Samsung’s Galaxy Cam

While smartphones have, especially of late, taken to blurring the lines between camera and phone, "smartcameras" like Samsung's Galaxy Camera flipped the idea on its head by putting a phone's operating system on a camera rather than the other way around.

Since then, Samsung has announced a few other options in the same milieu, (e.g. the Galaxy NX interchangeable lens camera and the 10x optical zoom Galaxy S4 Zoom) with fairly little in way of competition on that front. But Chinese electronics manufacturer OPPO is looking to move in on Samsung's territory.

A bride and groom stand facing each other in a picturesque meadow filled with wildflowers, with a backdrop of mountains and a partly cloudy blue sky. The bride holds a bouquet and wears a long veil, while the groom is dressed in a suit.

How to Get Started in Wedding Photography: A Checklist

When thinking about how to get started with wedding photography, you’ll want to make a checklist of things you need to do, have, or create. Today I’ll give you a starting point as well as prompts to help you customize your list. The first thing you might notice is that it’s not all about photography.

A man riding a bike in the air.

A Two-Week Bike Expedition in Kyrgyzstan with the Canon R5 Mark II

My history with the Canon mirrorless series started in late 2018 with the launch of the EOS R. Since then, I have switched from the EF to the RF mount, and for the past four years, I have worked intensively with two EOS R5 cameras. They have been loyal companions during my projects, and I have completed hundreds of photo and video shoots with them. When I became aware that Canon was launching a successor, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a sample.

A person holds a Canon EOS R1 camera close to the camera while smiling. The image has the PetaPixel logo and the text "Hands-On" in the bottom right corner.

Canon EOS R1 First Impressions: More an R3 Mark II Than a New Flagship

It has been a long time coming, but the EOS R1 is finally here. For years, the Canon R1 has been teased and hinted at before getting an official announcement two months ago. Now, finally, we at PetaPixel got our hands on an early test with the R1 body. That said, I cannot stress enough that it was a very early look.

A person with gray hair and a beard smiles and points to a Canon EOS R5 camera with the lens removed, showcasing the camera sensor. The image has a "PetaPixel Hands-On" logo in the bottom left corner.

The Canon EOS R5 Mark II First Impressions: The Real Star of This Show

The Canon EOS R1 has been hogging all the attention with announcement dates, sneak peeks, and speculation. It had been a long time since we saw a new flagship camera from Canon and now we had one in our hands. But with all the fanfare going on about a new "1" series camera, another Canon release quietly slipped under the radar -- until now.