John Bilbao

Staff Writer

John Bilbao is a photographer and cinematographer local to Los Angeles. Specializing in sports, events, and aerial imaging, his work has been featured by the likes of Porsche, Zero Motorcycles, Rodnoc Racing, Tough Mudder USA, Terra Rally Crew, Team Big Bear, and hundreds of individual athletes in motocross, the NTT IndyCar series, MotoAmerica, and Formula Drift. More than anything else, he loves the excitement of creating imagery that jumps off the screen, and sharing that excitement with others.

Articles by John Bilbao

A cluttered desk covered with photographs, a digital tablet, and sketches, all depicting various landscapes, illuminated by a sunset streaming through a window with mountain views.

Starting a Portfolio as a Photographer: An Encouraging Perspective

When I was in college at the University of Minnesota, one of my senior-year classes at the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication involved putting together a website using Wix, to hopefully allow us to showcase some of the things we had worked on during our academic careers and set us up for a (hopefully) easier time finding work afterward.

The Best Web Hosting for Photographers in 2024

One of the single most worthwhile investments you can make as a photographer is paying for a bespoke website. Whether you’re a commercial assignment photographer looking to showcase your best work, a batch shooter wanting to create a home for your purchase galleries, or anything in between, an online presence outside of social media is a crucial component of any creative’s toolkit.

How to Get an FAA Part 107 License to Fly a Drone Commercially

Drones are awesome. Much more than just being fun novelties you might see buzzing around your neighbor’s backyard piloted by a young child, they are amazing creative tools that allow for camera shots that you simply cannot get in any other way, and are used in everything from music videos to live sports to the biggest blockbuster films.