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Ep. 5: Joey L. vs. Instagram – and more


Episode 5 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Photographer Bruce Dorn, Canon Explorer of Light

In this episode:

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Canon Explorer of Light Bruce Dorn opens the show.

Instagram removes photos taken in the Kurdish region of Iraq and Syria citing their policy against the posting of photos take of those on “terrorist” lists. (#)

A 16-year-old boy is killed by a train while doing a one-year anniversary shoot with his girlfriend. (#)

Famed documentary photographer Eugene Richards has taken to Instagram. (#)

Virtual Supply Co. releases its VSCO Keys Lightroom shortcuts to the open source community. (#)

Can you picture photography legend Ansel Adams in baseball gear on a baseball card? Now you can. (#)

An electronically-controlled ND filter lens adapter is in the works. (#)

The Pentax full-frame K mount DSLR isn’t coming out until Spring 2016. (#)

Hassleblad 500 series users looking for a 120mm f/4 Petzvar lens may have one coming up. (#)

Do you have a spare $389,000 for a beastly 200mm f/1.0 lens? (#)

A film called “The Last Sentoshi” features a superhero who kicks butt with flashes. (#)

Photographer Dustin Snipes talks about how he shot NBA star Anthony Davis dunking the sun. (#)

A YouTube channel unearths a hilarious modeling video from the 1980s. (#)

A photographer bikes from England to Russia and back and documents “Soviet Bus Stops” in a book. (#)

A Belgian photographer documents a Japanese crime family. (#)

Photographer Jeff Cremer’s camera gets infested by termites in the Amazon jungle. (#)

NASA releases stunning photos of Pluto as the New Horizon spacecraft flies by. (#)

A video points out how film stock of the past was biased toward white skin. (#)

Listener Josh Payne with Joshua Payne Photography in Tyler, TX wants to know if he should create a website specifically for his wedding photography.

A Kickstarter projects features a drone which is meant to explores bodies of water. (#)

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