Photographer Eugene Richards is Now on Instagram


Heads up: Eugene Richards, one of the great American documentary photographers of our time, has joined Instagram. If you’re tired of staring at cats and selfies, @richardseugene may be an account you should start following today.

Despite being a huge name in photography and a member of Magnum Photos and VII Photo Agency, Richards’ late arrival on Instagram unfortunately meant he wasn’t able to snag the @eugenerichards handle. That account belongs to someone else — a guy with the name “Eugene Richards IV.”

Since joining Instagram earlier this week, Richards has uploaded a few photos to the service already:

Reverend Landers was a poor man who was on a mission to preach the gospel, while his wife was desperately shy. They had three children. Sammy, the oldest, had what today would be termed a developmental disability. He could hardly talk. The two little girls–it's been so many years–but if I had to describe them, I'd say they were too restless to ever sit still. This picture would have been made on Sunday following the service at their father's church. The girls, wearing their “best” dresses, are running about in the harsh sunlight, tossing what remained of a doll, the only doll they had, back and forth, doing whatever it took to get the other to laugh. Until that singular moment when the older of the girls, the one clutching the doll's head, suddenly grew disoriented and insular, like someone who's hearing voices. @richardseugene #photoville #photojournalism #documentary #arkansas #youth #poverty

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You can find more of Richards’ work over on his website. If you’d like to see more inspiring documentary photography on Instagram, we also suggest that you start following the official Magnum Photos account at @magnumphotos.

(via @richardseugene via Photoshelter)

Image credits: Header photograph by BurnAway