‘The Last Sentoshi’ is a Movie About a Superhero Who Kicks Butt with a Camera Flash


Tokyo-based photographer Irwin Wong just released a crazy film titled “The Last Sentoshi.” It’s about a female superhero who defeats her enemies using a powerful camera flash.

“If you like photography and you like anime or superheroes, you might like this movie,” Wong says.

The project was backed by the strobe company Nissin Digital Japan and shot over the course of 3 days. It’s not just an advertisement for Nissin products either — a number of camera industry brands and products appear in the movie, and the Nissin logo only appears for less than a second in the whole project.


“Sentoshi” is a fictional term Wong came up with: “sen” means flash and “toshi” means warrior, so “The Last Sentoshi” means “The Last Flash Warrior” — that “didn’t sound very cool so I kept the title in its original Japanese,” says Wong.

Here’s a 1.5-minute subtitled trailer that gives you a taste of what the movie is about:

If you have some time, here’s the full 27-minute film for your enjoyment (there’s also a straight Japanese version here if you don’t need subtitles):