The PetaPixel Podcast: Apple’s Huge Week and Nikon’s Battery Crackdown

PetaPixel is excited to announce a brand new podcast featuring Chris Niccolls, Jordan Drake, and me, Jaron Schneider! This weekly podcast will discuss photography, technology, culture, and more.

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Many of you may recall that for years we partnered with Sharky James who still produces a popular podcast, The Lens Shark Podcast. PetaPixel and Sharky opted to go separate ways last December, and we’ve been working on revamping our podcast since then.

When Chris and Jordan joined PetaPixel in May, we decided that was a great opportunity to create a new podcast that would give fans of their reviews and educational content a way to learn more about them and hear extended thoughts on current events that don’t necessarily make it into their YouTube videos. Plus, thanks to YouTube’s recent support for video podcasts and direct integration with YouTube Music, the timing felt especially apt.

After deciding on a format, we’re really happy to present to you the first episode of The PetaPixel Podcast! Most episodes will be between 45 minutes long to an hour, but this week we went a bit beyond that since it was our inaugural episode.

In this week’s discussion, Jaron, Chris, and Jordan chat about Apple’s wild launch day at WWDC23, Nikon’s (alleged) crackdown on third-party batteries, the ongoing saga of Outdoor Photographer (and other photo publications acquired by Madavor Media), the Leica Q series’ wrong specifications (that are now correct!), and the implications of Photoshop’s new artificial intelligence-powered Generative Fill tool. Plus, we answer some of your comments that you’ve left here on PetaPixel as well as on our YouTube videos.

We hope you enjoy the podcast and we look forward to hearing what you think. If you like what you hear, please support us by subscribing, liking, commenting, and reviewing!

The PetaPixel Podcast is available on YouTube, YouTube Music, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, or wherever you get your podcasts.