external Canon EOS 7D Mark II AF System Compared To The 1D X And 5D III —The Digital Picture

Chuck Westfall, Advisor of Technical Information with Canon USA, shares a detailed technical match up of the new 7D Mark II AF against the best-ever-prior AF system found in the 1D X and 5D Mark III.

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A Cheaper Filter Holder for the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 Created with 3D Printing


Need a piece of gear but can’t find a reasonably priced option? Perhaps 3D printing could help.

That’s what photographers Patrick Ludolph and Christian Steinkrüger. After not finding an affordable filter solution for his Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens, Ludolph approached Steinkrüger — a 3D printing hobbyist — with the idea of creating a custom filter holder themselves.
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Here are Portraits of Dogs Flying Through the Air


We’ve featured photos of dogs underwater, mid-shake, during bath time and in the middle of a gratuitous lick… but this is the first set of portraits we’ve seen that capture dogs in-flight.

Well, not quite flight… more like ‘falling with style,’ to borrow a line from Toy Story. Read more…

Rumor: Sigma’s Much Anticipated 24mm f/1.4 Art Lens May Finally Arrive in Early 2015


Sigma has been cranking out its Art, Sports and Contemporary lens lineups like mad this past year. Of those three, the Art series has been the most talked about, and it looks like the much-anticipated 24mm f/1.4 addition to that line might finally see the light of day in Q1 of 2015.

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external From Snapshots To Narratives —Kaptur

The photo space is evolving with hoards of images floating suspended in the cloud – and with it comes a greater need for a service to help us organize it all. Expect to see more apps and software rising up to meet the challenge.

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This Basement Darkroom from 1975 Was Designed to Look Like the Bridge of a Spaceship

©JackTurkel_1975_Darkroom (8)

Photographer Jack Turkel was born at around the same time as NASA, and grew up with a fantasies of space exploration as the modern space age was swinging into high gear.

When he began his photography career in the mid 1970s, Turkel decided to combine his two loves by creating a unique, space-themed darkroom.
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Photographer Uses 19th Century Process to Capture the Awe of Meeting New York City


When Peter Liepke set out to create his series Above & Beyond, he wanted to capture the feeling of having just move to New York City. The dream-like feeling of arriving in NYC for the first time and being swept away by the environment.

But where others might use a certain photographic technique to do this, Liepke achieves this ethereal feeling instead through platinum/palladium and gum bichromate processing. Read more…

Photographer Spurns $37,000 Photography Prize to Protest Spain’s ‘Pitiful’ Cultural Landscape


How much are your principles worth? It’s hard to know until you have those principles tested with a dollar figure, and for renowned Catalan photographer Colita, she now has a figure she can hold up: about $37,300.

That’s the amount Colita gave up when she declined the top prize at the 2014 Premio Nacional de Fotografía (National Photography Prize) in an unapologetic letter to Spain’s culture minister about the unpopular policies he’s recently put forth. Read more…

external On and off the grid: How wildlife photographer Josh Anon finds inspiration by shifting focus —The Next Web

With Anon, the left and right sides of the brain seem naturally aligned — almost intertwined — so perhaps it’s no surprise that he derives energy and optimism from the ebb and flow of the temporal world. His genuine enthusiasm about teaching and writing is regularly balanced by sliding off the grid to the planet’s remote regions. I caught up with Josh Anon, who carved out some time from his busy startup schedule, to find out how he puts these disparate parts of his life together and keeps the wheels moving.

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Using Clipping Masks and Drop Shadows to Turn Any Portrait Into a Sculpturesque Image

Although they often get overlooked in the Photoshop workflow, clipping masks can make for some very interesting effects in images. A perfect example is the work of Roderique Arisiaman, whose portraiture includes intricately overlaid designs to make for intricate, unique images.

After being asked enough times how he goes about making these images, Arisiaman finally decided to create a tutorial for DIY Photographer and show the world how he uses clipping masks and a multitude of layers to create elaborate portraits.

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