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Using a 20×24-inch Polaroid to Take Honest Portraits of Movie Stars

Chuck Close Polaroid-002

Print of Robert De Niro just out of the camera (screen capture from the video ‘Up Close and Personal’)

Created by Polaroid in 1976, the 20×24-inch instant camera is one of the most unusual and massive pieces of photographic history you can get your hands on (if you’re lucky enough… or have the dough). Fortunately for those of you who want to see the cam in action, photographer Chuck Close managed to do just that in a series of images for Vanity Fair’s 20th Hollywood issue. Read more…

Capturing the Perfect Proposal Moment

Photographer puts his intervalometer to romantic use

Feb 28, 2014 · Helena Vieira

Monkey Gets His Ninety Seconds of Fame When He Steals and Dismantles a GoPro

I’m all for a little monkey business when it comes to taking photos and playing around with your gear, but this guy here might’ve taken it a bit too far… Read more…

external “To Pay or Not to Pay: Four Different Approaches to Portraiture and Exchange” —Feature Shoot

Paying people to take their portrait has its proponents and opponents, splitting photographers between those who view it as legitimate compensation and those who see it as ethically unsound.

For English photographer Jim Mortram, whose long-term documentary project Small Town Inertia focuses on the lives of people in his local town who have been marginalized by illness and poverty, there is no moral ambiguity when it comes to paying. “I’ve always viewed it as a ruthless shortcut,” he tells me. “Purchasing opportunities instantly makes the heart of an image about money.” … For others these boundaries are not so clear.

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Striking ISS Photo Shows How Dark North Korea is Compared to Its Neighbors


A new photo released by NASA and taken from the International Space Station shows just how dark North Korea really is, and we don’t mean figuratively. Taken on the night of January 30th as the ISS was passing over the Korean Peninsula, a nearly completely blacked-out North Korea jumps out at you, surrounded by its well-lit neighbors. Read more…

RAW Beauty Talks: Empowering Portraits of Women Without Make Up or Photoshop

Sophie Miriam Emily Alden - MelissaGidneyPhoto

If you browse around online, even if you stay away from the magazine covers with their models liquified into long-legged oblivion, you will be hard-pressed to find professional portraits of women that are as honest and raw as the ones featured on RAW Beauty Talks.

That’s because this organization, dedicated to empowering women through portrait photography and an honest conversation about beauty, doesn’t just do away with photo manipulation in its portraits… it does away with anything meant to enhance or cover up the way the models actually look. Read more…

Embarrassing Stock Photography Slip Up Discovered on PayPal’s Campaigns Page


A reader over at Gizmodo sent a tip their way yesterday pointing to an embarrassing situation involving PayPal’s use of a certain stock photograph.

Although it has since been removed, a photo of a small pocket watch over on PayPal’s Political Campaigns page with a “donate” button located over it was found bearing a rather obvious iStock watermark… oops. Read more…

external So… Apparently Instagram Wedding Photography is a Thing Now —DIY Photography

There I was, at my client’s insistence, to deliver her wedding album. We’d been talking for a bit, when suddenly…


are you a wedding photographer?” I confirmed that I was — as well as other types of photography — and politely tried getting back to my conversation.

“Me too!” came the excited reply. ”Of course, I’m a more modern kind of wedding photographer.”


“What do you mean by ‘more modern?’” I ask, regretting it even as the words were leaving my mouth.

“Oh — I’m an Instagram wedding photographer.”

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Mosaic Breaks Down the Average Size of a Lightroom Catalog


Here at PetaPixel we enjoy the crunching of numbers. So, naturally, when Mosaic told us about a blog post they had done recently that broke down some Lightroom catalog statistics, we were intrigued.

With “tens of thousands” of Lightroom catalogs synched to their service, they sampled a random 3,000 of those to come up with the average size of a Lightroom catalog. And in the end, they were actually quite surprised by the results. Read more…

Sigma 50mm DG HSM Art Lens Tested, See How it Stacks Up Against the Otus


Sigma made quite a splash at CES this year when the company not only announced that a 50mm f/1.4 lens would be added to its superb Art series, but claimed that this lens would be so good that its competition wouldn’t be Nikon or Canon, but the indisputably exceptional $4,000 ZEISS Otus.

Well, thanks to the website Xitek and their recently posted lens test results, we finally get to see if the 50mm’s bite measures up to its bark. Read more…