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Monkey Gets His Ninety Seconds of Fame When He Steals and Dismantles a GoPro


I’m all for a little monkey business when it comes to taking photos and playing around with your gear, but this guy here might’ve taken it a bit too far…

While on an otherwise friendly visit to Uluwatu Temple in Bali, YouTube user MocholilaoTV had his GoPro Hero 3+ stolen away by a monkey. To his (and the Internet’s) surprise, the little guy then started to systematically dismantle the thing. He managed to open up the GoPro case and even take out the battery, but not before he captured a good ninety seconds of his little adventure.

Eventually a female worker at the temple assisted the GoPro owner by making a “deal” with the monkey, trading the camera for some fruit. Even then, the battery was lost, but the camera and case were still intact, providing us with this curious adventure of not-quite-George.

(via Gizmodo)