I Photographed My 3-Year-Old Girl as Rey from Star Wars

I feel like there's a real shortage of quality female heroes these days throughout our entertainment media. They always seem to be flawed in one way or another by the system that produces them. They're either a distressed, incapable damsel, or an obnoxious, loud-and-proud feminist who deems it necessary to remind the audience that she's a woman every five seconds (just in case we didn't notice).

Photographer Combines Star Wars with Photos of an Offshore Drilling Rig

Photographer Craig Mann is passionate about both photography and Star Wars, but one of the things that puts a damper on his work is the fact that he spends 6 months of each year working on an offshore drilling rig in the Atlantic Ocean.

He recently decided to combine his work and passions by creating a series of Star Wars photos set on his drilling rig.