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Recreating the Original Star Wars Lightsaber Effect on Camera


Back in 2011, we shared how the original Star Wars lightsaber was created from camera parts using the handle from a Graflex flashgun. Joey Shanks of Shanks FX just released this 6-minute video tutorial on how you can recreate the original lightsaber on camera yourself.


“We recreate the original lightsaber beams (all in-camera) using front screen projection material just like they did it on the set of Star Wars Episode IV,” Shanks tells PetaPixel.


Once you’ve found a suitable hilt — Shanks found a similar Graflex handle, but it was from the 1960s and didn’t look like Luke’s — you’ll also need to obtain some highly reflective 3M Scotchlite material ($10 at your local hardware store) and a powerful flashlight.