Repeat Photos Show Change in Southern African Landscapes

Every place in the world has a history. To understand it in the present you need some knowledge of its past. The history of the earth can be read from its rocks; the history of life, from the evolutionary histories and relationships of its species.

South African Photographer Captures Political Crisis at Home

A local South African commercial photographer has found himself in the epicenter of the country's most recent political unrest that has disrupted communities and left people starving, and has shifted his focus to photojournalism to make sure it does not go unseen.

Sangoma: Photos of Traditional Healers in South Africa

Traditional healers are, even in today’s modern times, still highly respected and frequently consulted members of South African communities. Instead of referring to Western, mainstream health, and healing practices, they practice traditional African medicine.

Discover One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth in This Viral Timelapse

We wouldn't be surprised if you've never heard of The Drakensberg before. It almost sounds like a region in Game of Thrones, but it's not: it's a mountain escarpment in South Africa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the subject of the timelapse above, and probably the newest addition to your bucket list.

Using Photos to Document the Plight of Vultures, the ‘Antiheroes of Our Ecosystems’

If you want to see a photojournalist who cares deeply about the subject they're covering, watch this 3-minute National Geographic video. In it, photographer Charlie Hamilton James discusses his photos of vultures -- one of the fastest declining families of birds in history, and what James calls "the world's forgotten environmental disaster."

James photographed vultures in South Africa from all kinds of perspectives, from placing cameras inside carcasses to shooting the remains of vultures -- one of the most trafficked animals in the world -- being sold in street markets.

Jürgen Schadeberg Talks Leica Cameras and South African Photojournalism

Put together by SixOranges, this four-minute video is an interview with renowned photographer Jürgen Schadeberg. In it, he shares the story behind the collection of Leica cameras he has used throughout his career, many of which were responsible for documenting some of the most iconic photographs of former South African President and icon Nelson Mandela throughout Madiba’s life.