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Ep. 8: Do Photojournalists Go Too Far…or is Donald Trump Just a Meanie? – and more


Episode 8 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: This Week in Photography’s Frederick Van Johnson

In this episode:

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This Week in Photo host Frederick Van Johnson opens the show.

Jim Harmer with the Improve Photography podcast gives an audio response to a story we reported on Episode 6.

U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump goes on the attack over a photo shot at a campaign stop. (#)

Should animal rights extend to copyright? Find out who has sued on a monkey’s behalf. (#)

Lens Battle helps you compare the quality of lenses in a more logical, interactive way. (#)

Photoshop Elements 14 features cool new features. Do you need the full version of Photoshop? (#)

Japanese photojournalist Kikujiro Fukushima dies at age 94.  (#)

Is 360 degree interactive video on Facebook important to you as a photographer? (#)

A photographers makes over $900,000 with photo composites. Find out what it is.  (#)

An Australian wedding photographer donates $3 for every time her photo is shared for charity and the photo goes viral in a big way. (#)

GoPro releases the more affordable Hero+ and drops prices on the Hero Session. (#)

Another “professional” photographer fails to back up photos and loses 21 hard drives with over 70,000 photos along with 8 of her cameras. (#)

Listener Rolf in Germany wants to know what camera gear he’ll need to achieve maximum depth-of-field and produce a 3′ x 8′ print.

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