Sony’s Camera Line is Way Too Bloated | The PetaPixel Podcast

Yesterday, Sony added two more cameras to its line of interchangeable cameras which brought the line to no less than 18 total choices from entry-level through professional. That is just too many.

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Sony has made it a company policy to discontinue camera bodies and lenses as infrequently as possible, which has the advantage of giving buyers more choice when it comes to determining how to spend their money. Continuing to sell the Sony a7 II, for example, even though there a7 IV is the most recent addition to that section of the line allows a photographer to decide to spend less on a camera if they don’t think they need as many features.

But on the flip side, it results in a camera line that has an amorphous beginning and end. Seeing so many choices ends up becoming more of a detriment than a benefit. In this week’s PetaPixel Podcast, Chris, Jordan, and Jaron talk about this problem and do their best to point out how difficult it has become to recommend a specific camera for a specific use case given the bloated nature of Sony’s camera line.

Additionally, the trio talks the latest news including the booming popularity of Ricoh’s GR III and a new lens patent from Canon that is easily the weirdest design they’ve ever seen.

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