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Headshots: Funny Self-Portraits that Show Stuff Hitting the Photographer in the Face


Here’s a set of fun and funny self-portraits to get you through the rest of your Wednesday with a smile on your face.

Created by literary translator, editor and grad student Kaija Straumanis, the Headshots series is more frequently referred to these days as “Stuff Being Thrown at My Head” — a deceptive title since nothing is actually being thrown at Straumanis’ head at all. Read more…

Creative Music Video Inspired by Double Exposure Photography

From NYC-based filmmaker Paul Trillo, whose work we’ve featured a couple of times before here on PetaPixel, comes a new visual journey in collaboration with Los Angeles-based soul-folk duo The Peach Kings. Read more…

Multi-Mount Lets You Use Bayonet Lenses on Your Pentax DSLR Without an Adapter

To the world of lens mount adapters comes a new creation by Adaptist. Called the Pentax K+ Multi-Mount, this adapter takes a unique approach to the mounting system allowing you to attach Nikon F-mount, Olympus OM-mount, Contax/Yashica C/Y-mount and Konica AR-mount lenses (in addition to the standard K-mount, of course) to your Pentax DSLR, all within this one integrated solution. Read more…

Music Video Features Lip Sync Time-Lapse Shot Over Nine Months

The ‘lyric-lapse‘ isn’t new. But creating one takes so much time and dedication that we still don’t see them crop up very often.

But that dedication pays off, and it’s musician Bosley and his video for “Just Like You” that caught our attention most recently. Filmed over the course of nine months, it required that the director go to some interesting lengths to capture the footage he wanted. Read more…

This Nikon D4s Film About Photographers Using the D4s Was Shot on a D4s… D4s

In the (slightly paraphrased) words of rapper and former Pimp My Ride host Xzibit, “Yo dawgs, we heard you liked the Nikon D4s, so here’s a video about the D4s, shot on a D4s”. Read more…

Mesmerizing Photos of Frozen Flowers by Mo Devlin


When you hear the term flower photography, it probably doesn’t inspire a particularly powerful reaction. There are plenty of gorgeous images of flowers — from wildflower fields to beautifully-lit bouquets — and so the genre isn’t somewhere we usually look for inspiration.

That is, until we ran across photographer Mo Devlin‘s stunning shots of frozen flowers. Read more…

Photographer Mixes Watercolor Elements Into Her Images to Stunning Effect


What’s the best thing about a 365 project? Some would say it’s that you develop the habit of shooting every single day. Others that you develop your skill because you’re shooting more than you probably ever have. But for photographer Aliza Razell, the best thing about a 365 project is the ability to experiment.

And it’s experimentation that led her to create the stunning images you see above and below. Images that combine watercolor and photography into something greater than the sum of its parts. Images that, as you probably already guessed, are spreading like wildfire. Read more…

external “To Pay or Not to Pay: Four Different Approaches to Portraiture and Exchange” —Feature Shoot

Paying people to take their portrait has its proponents and opponents, splitting photographers between those who view it as legitimate compensation and those who see it as ethically unsound.

For English photographer Jim Mortram, whose long-term documentary project Small Town Inertia focuses on the lives of people in his local town who have been marginalized by illness and poverty, there is no moral ambiguity when it comes to paying. “I’ve always viewed it as a ruthless shortcut,” he tells me. “Purchasing opportunities instantly makes the heart of an image about money.” … For others these boundaries are not so clear.

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RAW Beauty Talks: Empowering Portraits of Women Without Make Up or Photoshop

Sophie Miriam Emily Alden - MelissaGidneyPhoto

If you browse around online, even if you stay away from the magazine covers with their models liquified into long-legged oblivion, you will be hard-pressed to find professional portraits of women that are as honest and raw as the ones featured on RAW Beauty Talks.

That’s because this organization, dedicated to empowering women through portrait photography and an honest conversation about beauty, doesn’t just do away with photo manipulation in its portraits… it does away with anything meant to enhance or cover up the way the models actually look. Read more…

‘Time In Motion’ GIF Series Creatively Plays with the Passage of Time


If you’ve followed PetaPixel for a while, or even if you just keep up with popular photo news, the image above probably looks familiar. Created by photographer Fong Qi Wei, it looks like it’s a part of his very successful series Time is a Dimension, which we featured back in August of last year.

But this isn’t part of that series, it’s actually one of 37 images combined into a single GIF. A GIF that is part of his creative followup to TIAD called Time in Motion. Read more…