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This is How You Shoot ‘Bullet Time’ the Free and Easy Way


Want to shoot a “bullet time” shot but don’t have an ultra-expensive camera array or high-speed camera? Here’s a 27-second video showing a brilliantly cheap and easy way you can create the same effect with any video camera.

“Don’t have [a] camera that capable to capture super slow-motion[?]” writes independent filmmaker Kris Gids, who’s based in ParaƱaque, Philippines. “Then ask your friend to slow down their movement or freeze while you’re shooting and you can get smooth slow-motion or time Freeze effect on post process.”

Gids had a group of people play basketball and then completely freeze at exactly the same time the way people did while the Mannequin Challenge was going viral. The filmmaker then kept his Nikon D3300 (shooting at 60fps) pointed at a subject while orbiting the group.

After post-processing the footage in Adobe Premiere CC, the impressive “bullet time” shot seen in the video above is what resulted.