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How to Make a Rifle Stock for Your Camera


Want a camera stabilizer that’s sure to attract (perhaps unwanted) attention? Just add a rifle-style stock to it. Alex over at I did a thing made this humorous 5-minute video showing how he built such a stabilizer for his own DSLR.

Alex says he was inspired to create the stock after seeing the Asian photographer who went viral earlier this year for doing hunting-style bird photography (and by the vintage Russian Zenit Photosniper stock).

Alex started out by creating the stock itself with some good ol’ woodworking.

And after sanding and staining the wood, Alex added a remote shutter release that’s operated with the trigger finger. He then mounted his DSLR to a plate and that plate to the stock. Finally, for extra stability, Alex also purchased and added a commercial rifle bipod to the front of the stock.

The resulting setup looks quite intense.

For Alex, it’s quite an unusual tool for his macro photography.

Before and after creating the stock.
Alex hunting for macro photos.

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