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Photos of Babies with Grown-Up Teeth


If you need a chuckle today (or a nightmare tonight), there’s a strange new photo project you can check out called Babies With Teeth. As its name suggests, each of the bizarre photos shows an infant with grown-up teeth ‘Photoshopped’ into their tiny mouths.

The project is the brainchild of Texas photographer Ashley Evans, and it all started while she was playing around in an app called YouApp.

“I had an app and wanted to see what my son looked like with teeth,” Evans tells PetaPixel. “It was hilarious so I did it to my daughter. I then posted in a Facebook group and it just blew up from there.”

Tina | 55 + Rachel | 54. Spend Sundays garage-saling together

After seeing Evans’ photos, a lot of people began sending her baby photos to add teeth to. She then started a dedicated Facebook page for the project and began writing captions about each baby as if they were an adult.

Heather | 30 | Ordered a hamburger with extra bacon and received NO bacon.

Some of the babies are edited in Photoshop, while others are roughly teeth-ified using the app.

“I like that it makes everyone laugh,” Evans says. “I think it would be cool to start selling mugs, cards, calendars, etc. and use the money to help fund dental treatment for people who can’t afford it. I definitely don’t want to profit from it.

“I keep it going because it seems like a lot of people think it’s funny and I think it’s important to laugh.”

Bill is out enjoying Christmas shopping. The one who started it all.
Martin | 43 | Has an old truck that he claims to be a “project” yet he never works on it.
Preston | 27 | Asked for sweet tea and the waitress said, “We don’t have sweet tea. I can give you unsweetened tea with some sugar packets.”
Christopher | 25 | Modern day Boss Baby
Otis | 72 | Doesn’t like when his dog licks his feet.
Nancy | 20 | Her laugh makes everyone else laugh.
Jordan | 65 | Still jumps in the piles of leaves that he rakes up.
Ivy | 18 | Likes to square dance with her grandpa.
Sydney | 50 | Has a John Wayne poster in her living room.
Matilda | 45 | Keeps a collection of Better Homes & Garden magazines for “inspiration” but never looks at them.
Austyn | 18 | Scored a killer deal on Black Friday
Devin | 25 | Plays fantasy football
Janice | 35 | Loves ketones
Dylan | 18 | Gets friendzoned.
Brayden | 18 | Asks “Are you going to eat that?”
Bill | 34 years old | Architect

You can find more of these photos and follow along with the project on the Babies with Teeth Facebook page.