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This Guy Makes Creative Reversed Videos by Talking Backwards


Lithuanian filmmaker and musician Saulius Jegelevičius has a creative and unusual YouTube channel called Backward Picnic. Instead of complex editing or effects, each of the videos is simply footage played backwards… and Saulius talks backwards while recording to speak “forwards” English in the videos.

For example, here’s a video in which Saulius removes a nail from a wooden plank using a “statically charged hammer”:

And here’s the original video he actually recorded before reversing it for the version above:

Here’s another one showing how to build a house of cards without using your hands:

And here’s the forward version:

Here are some other of the more popular videos Saulius has created so far:

You can follow along with Saulius’ ongoing project by subscribing to the Backward Picnic YouTube channel.

(via Backward Picnic via Laughing Squid)