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Eric Kim Hits the Pavement with SF Street Photographer Jack Simon

There’s something inspirational about watching a seasoned photographer work at his craft — whether it’s a studio photog who molds light to his will or a street photographer whose demeanor and results both scream professionalism.

Jack Simon falls under the latter of those categories, and in the video above, fellow street photographer Eric Kim takes us behind the scenes with Simon as he walks the streets of San Francisco. Read more…

OKDOTHIS: An App for Photographers that Never Lets You Run Out of Ideas

One of the more difficult things about being a creative is having to come up with fresh ideas on a daily basis, constantly challenging yourself and expanding your horizons. These things aren’t always easy and it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a creative rut with (seemingly) nowhere to turn.

Thankfully, there’s a new app in town that is designed to help you out of those kinds of situations while simultaneously keeping you on your game even when you are inspired. It’s called OKDOTHIS. Read more…

external “Seeing Beauty With Saul Leiter” —NY Times Lens Blog

Tony Cenicola thought he was leaving behind the world of being a photo assistant to start his own studio. He had been helping a photographer move into a lower Fifth Avenue studio duplex in 1985 when its owner was struck by something: Mr. Cenicola could pack delicate cameras and gear.

Soon, Mr. Cenicola got a call from that photographer to be his assistant. He spent the next 10 years working with Saul Leiter, an important figure in the New York School. Mr. Leiter died late Tuesday night in New York City. Mr. Cenicola, who is now a staff photographer at The New York Times, recalled his time assisting — and learning from — Mr. Leiter. His conversation with David Gonzalez has been edited into a first-person narrative.

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Photographer Captures the Uplifting Story of His Premature Son’s First Year of Life

A few commenters have on occasion joked that we need to add a “tenuous links to photography” category for those stories where, strictly speaking, there’s not much photography involved. The video above might quality, but we ask your forgiveness ahead of time because, a) there is a link, and b) it is one of the most touching, uplifting and inspirational things we’ve seen in a long time. Read more…

Gorgeous Photograph of a Cap Cloud over the Sierra Nevadas


Sometimes you run across a photo that causes you to feel equal parts wonder and envy all at the same time. Wonder because the photo is just amazing; and envy because… well… you didn’t take it. The photo above by photographer Guido Montañés is such a photo. Read more…

external “Polaroid’s First Camera Caused Black Friday Pandemonium 65 Years Ago” —Gizmodo

Polaroid is a non-entity these days, but instant photography lives on in the digital photos we produce at dazzling speeds. We’re addicted, and that’s what made Polaroid the hottest tech company in the world when its first blockbuster consumer product, the Model 95 Land Camera, went on sale. That was 65 years ago on Black Friday, November 26th, 1948.

Back in 1948, Black Friday wasn’t the vicious consumer hell that it is today—it wasn’t even called Black Friday. But it was still a frenetic shopping day right after Thanksgiving, and the symbolic beginning of the holiday season. If anything, the mad dash for the Land Camera that year foreshadowed the madness we experience during our contemporary shopping orgies.

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18,000-Photo London Time-Lapse Captures the Hustle and Bustle of the UK Capital

If you’re in the US and you’ve decided to brave Black Friday to get the most recent must-have Elmo, here’s an awesome London time-lapse that’ll give you a chance to escape the Black Friday madness, if not the crowds, for a few minutes. Read more…

Incredible Light Painting Product Shots Lit Using Only an iPad and an iPhone

This is just awesome: professional-looking product photography done using nothing more than a tripod, an iPad, an iPhone and your camera of choice. Given the extremely affordable nature of the process, the results are downright epic.

The project was undertaken by photographer Laya Gerlock, who shared his work through the folks at DIYPhotography. Basically, one night, he came up with a simple challenge for himself: light paint using only the iGadgets he had on hand. What he settled on was using his iPhone to light the subject itself, while using the iPad for background patterns.

Head over to DIY Photography for the full breakdown of how you can do this yourself, as well some sample shots that show the impressive final product!

Stunning Product Shots With iPhone and iPad LightPainting [DIYPhotography via ISO 1200]

Photographers Banding Together to Help Down-and-Out Colleague


Photographers around the country are banding together to figure out the best way to help out a once-prominent photojournalist who has ended up homeless and panhandling on the streets of Manhattan. Read more…

Nikon Stock Down Almost 24 Percent Year-to-Date, Worst Underperformer in the Nikkei


Nikon’s stock is down, and down bad, according to a report by Reuters. Although the report starts by saying that Nikon is currently up 0.8%, it continues on by revealing that:

Nikon is down 23.6 percent year-to-date and is the worst underperformer in the Nikkei this year, while the benchmark has rallied nearly 49 percent.

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