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Lomo Releases Special Edition Transparent Konstruktor, An Unusable Film Camera



Lomography is no stranger to releasing strange cameras — everything from Where’s Waldo editions to a hand-cranked movie camera have crossed our desks — but the Transparent Collector’s Edition Konstruktor is perhaps cooler and definitely less useful than all of those.

That’s because the Transparent Konstruktor camera that Lomography just announces is, as the name implies, a transparent film camera… which also makes it an unusable film camera.

But that’s sort of the point. Lomo wanted to create something that could be used to sate that desire inside you that has always wanted to see a film camera’s innards in action, and since you can’t have it both ways, it means that you probably won’t be loading any real film in there unless you’ve got money to burn.

And in case someone doesn’t make the connection on their own, Lomography made sure to mention it in the product description by adding the statement, “This edition is purely for display purposes and not for photographic use,” in bold letters.

Here’s are a few more pictures of the collector’s edition cam:





As with all Konstruktor models, this is a 35mm camera that comes with “some assembly required.” To learn more about the educational camera or drop $59 to pick one up for yourself, head over to the Lomography Web store by clicking here.

(via PopPhoto)