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Boomf Makes Instagram Photos Edible by Printing Them on Marshmallows



This might just be one of those services both the loves and haters of Instagram will like. Because while other services print your Instagram shots on magnets or postcards, Boomf prints them on… marshmallows.

So, you see, if you like Instagram you get to turn your favorite photos into edible confections, and if you don’t, you get to eat all of those pretentious selfies, food shots and cappuccino pictures you so despise. As Michael Scott would say: “win win win.”

Over on the Boomf site, you get to pick 9 of your favorite images (per order) to put on square marshmallows one and one half inch big.


Since the photos are going on food, you shouldn’t expect quality to be anything spectacular; however, they still turn out pretty darn good judging by the photos. And since you’re going to eat them anyway — or, idea alert!, stick them in the microwave and watch your photos balloon up and explode… on second thought, don’t try that at home — ‘print quality’ probably isn’t at the top of your requirements list.

Unfortunately, they’re only available to UK residents for now, so those in other parts of the world will have to wait until next year to get their hands on them, but if you’re interested in checking Boomf out, head over to the website by clicking here. And if you ARE in the UK, have your payment ready: an order of nine will run you £12 (or about $20 US).

(via Gizmodo)