BeReal photo sharing app

BeReal Has 20M Daily Users, Tests Two Extra Snapshots Per Day

Photo-sharing app BeReal surged in popularity last year as an alternative to apps like Instagram by offering the unusual restriction of only users to post a single photo per day at a randomized specific time. However, BeReal has announced a new feature that will enable users to share additional posts per day.

Best Sites to Share Photos

The Best Photo Sharing Sites in 2024

We exist in a constantly churning sea of content: there were 1.4 trillion photos taken in 2021 and an estimated 1.6 trillion shutter buttons will be pressed this year. With so many taken, where is the best place to share photos?

Instagram on phone over a pink table

Stop Hoping for an Instagram Replacement – Diversify Instead

Instagram is well on its way to no longer being a photo-sharing app, and those who rely on it for their business are left questioning the future. If and when the day comes when Instagram is no longer viable, where can photographers turn?

Instagram Brings Back Its Classic Icons, Adds ‘Stories Map’ Feature

Instagram is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week with a couple of new features and a fun surprise. The photo sharing app has expanded its anti-bullying features, created a 'Stories Map' and calendar, and has added a hidden option that lets users roll back to one of its classic logos.

Wacom Announces ‘Bamboo Loop,’ a Fun Photo Messaging App

Wacom -- the same company that brings Photoshop artists and big spenders products like the 24HD Touch -- announced today that it is making an addition to its more whimsical line of Bamboo products. Dubbed Bamboo Loop, the new iOS (and soon Android) app puts photo sharing and SMS together to create a more fun and engaging messaging experience.

Snoop Lion Unveils a Photo Editing and Sharing App of His Own

While it is true that photo apps are in high demand and, therefore, a dime a dozen, we were still surprised to find out that rapper Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) decided to branch into the market himself. In partnership with Upper Playground, 99centbrains and Cashmere Agency, the rapper has officially broken into the smartphone photography game with his new app Snoopify.

Pressgram is a Self-Hosted Alternative to Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, there's been some serious controversy over ownership rights and Terms of Service. You can take the photos with the app, edit them in the app, host them on the app's servers, and ultimately sign over certain rights to the app. Not everybody likes this arrangement.

Pressgram is creator John Saddington's solution to the problem. It's an Instagram alternative that allows you to host your images using WordPress (either .org or .com) and retain 100 percent ownership rights.

Rando: The Antisocial Photo-Sharing App

Photo-sharing apps run the gamut between the hyper-social (ala Instagram: like, comment and share to your heart's content) and the secretive (ala Snapchat: this photo will self-destruct in 3 ... 2 ... ). Ustwo's new app Rando falls somewhere in that latter category, because while you can share photos with Rando, you have no idea who you're sharing them with, or who is sharing them with you -- and forget about likes, comments and favorites.

Bump’s Flock App Takes All the Hassle Out of Sharing Photos with Friends

If you browse the photos in your iPhone's camera roll, there's a good chance there are some in there that you forgot to upload, email, or otherwise share with your friends. Whenever you're out with a group and photos are being taken, the end of the night always consists of handing out e-mail addresses or promising to upload photos to Facebook, but sadly, more often than not, we forget. Enter Flock, a new "magic" photo sharing app from Bump Technologies.

Yahoo! Mail Unveils New Photo Sharing Tool

There's an overabundance of ways to share and organize your photos these days. From Flickr and 500px, to Facebook and Shutterfly, you can store and share your photos in many places. But according to Yahoo!, many people still use good ol' fashioned e-mail. Yahoo!'s senior director of product management Dave McDowell said that over 500-million photos are sent through Yahoo! Mail every day, and so in an attempt to streamline that process and better cater to the needs of their 300-million users, Yahoo! has released a new photo sharing tool made just for Yahoo! Mail.

OpenPhoto Brings Open Source Photo Sharing to the Mobile World

Photo sharing apps for smartphones are a dime-a-dozen. Ever since Instagram achieved worldwide success -- and was rewarded with a $1 billion dollar buyout by Facebook -- many developers have tried to follow in their footsteps. That being said, finding a photo sharing app that stands out is rare, which is why the OpenPhoto app release this week struck a chord with us.

Pool Party: Google’s Photo Sharing App

Facebook can't be too pleased with Google right now. In addition to releasing a Facebook competitor called Google+, the company has also beaten Facebook to the mobile photo sharing space with a new app called Pool Party. Like Google+, the app is currently invite-only, but if you can score an invite it's a free download for both iOS and Android. The app is based around collaborative group albums called "pools" that allow you to share pictures with friends and family in real-time.