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Bump’s Flock App Takes All the Hassle Out of Sharing Photos with Friends


If you browse the photos in your iPhone’s camera roll, there’s a good chance there are some in there that you forgot to upload, email, or otherwise share with your friends. Whenever you’re out with a group and photos are being taken, the end of the night always consists of handing out e-mail addresses or promising to upload photos to Facebook, but sadly, more often than not, we forget. Enter Flock, a new “magic” photo sharing app from Bump Technologies.

The Flock app takes care of all the remembering for you, aggregating all of the photos taken by you and your friends at a certain event into one shared album. It works by analyzing yours and your Facebook friends’ photo metadata, and automatically creating an album using pictures taken at approximately the same time and place. You then pick the photos you would and would not like to share from that event, after which the app takes care of the rest.

Here’s a short ad that shows Flock in action:

Flock launched today and is already available on the iTunes app store for the completely reasonable price of “on the house.” So if you’re sick of the hassle that sharing photos with your friends usually entails, check it out and start nagging your friends to download it too.