Pressgram is a Self-Hosted Alternative to Instagram


When it comes to Instagram, there’s been some serious controversy over ownership rights and Terms of Service. You can take the photos with the app, edit them in the app, host them on the app’s servers, and ultimately sign over certain rights to the app. Not everybody likes this arrangement.

Pressgram is creator John Saddington’s solution to the problem. It’s an Instagram alternative that allows you to host your images using WordPress (either .org or .com) and retain 100 percent ownership rights.

With Pressgram, users will be able to select a WordPress blog or website through which to host/publish the filtered or unfiltered photos they choose to take — if they choose to publish them at all. And since you’re hosing your own photos, Pressgram makes no attempt to claim any rights to those images.

Here’s an intro to the idea:

That video is currently taking center stage on Pressgram’s Kickstarter page, where the app has already raised almost $40K of its $50K goal.

Those who want to see the free app IRL can head over to the Kickstarter page and donate to the cause in exchange for thank you notes, credits, free e-books and the like. Interested Android users in particular have even more reason to donate, since an Android version won’t be developed unless funding reaches $80K.

Check out the app’s Kickstarter page and blog to learn more and follow Pressgram’s progress from idea to final product.