NiSi Athena cinema prime lenses

NiSi’s New Athena Cine Lenses Are Among the Most Affordable

Ahead of NAB 2023, NiSi unveiled its new Athena series of full-frame cinema prime lenses. Ranging from 14mm T2.4 to 85mm T1.9, the five lenses are now joined by three new Athena primes, filling in a couple of gaps in the existing range while expanding it to 135mm.

Zeiss Nano Prime cinema lenses for full-frame E-mount cameras

New Zeiss Nano Prime T1.5 Full-Frame Cine Lenses Range from 18 to 100mm

Following a short teaser campaign and a lengthy hiatus in the interchangeable lens space, Zeiss has announced a new series of cinema lenses for full-frame mirrorless cameras. The Zeiss Nano Prime lenses come in six focal lengths, ranging from 18mm to 100mm, and every lens features a fast T1.5 aperture.

Sirui Saturn 35mm anamorphic lens

Sirui’s 35mm Anamorphic Lens is World’s Smallest for Full-Frame

Sirui has announced the Saturn 35mm anamorphic lens for full-frame cameras. The $1,300 lens offers 2.4:1 and 2.8:1 de-squeezed aspect ratios (1.6x constant squeeze ratio) and is built using a lightweight carbon fiber barrel. Per Sirui, it's the world's smallest carbon fiber full-frame anamorphic lens.

Silly Comedy Skit Explains How Photo and Cinema Zoom Lenses Differ

For us photo-people, the insane price tag on some Cinema zoom lenses makes zero sense. Why not just use really nice photography glass? What makes a Cinema zoom lens worth it? A lot, actually, and this short little comedy bit illustrates the difference between the two options perfectly.

See How a $50K Cinema Lens Works from the Inside Out

The Science Channel on YouTube just released a really neat video in which they show you the inner workings of a $50K cinema lens. A piece of technology they call, "the perfect combo of modern technology and old fashioned craftsmanship."