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8K Camera Shootout

Sony A1 vs Canon R5 C vs Nikon Z8: Which Camera is Best for 8K Video?

In the last decade, 4K video recording has gone from a format only used in high-end productions to a feature found on even the most entry-level cameras and smartphones. It was inevitable that there would be another resolution bump as sensors and computing power improved, and now we have a number of compelling full-frame mirrorless cameras that can record 8K video internally (right to the memory card). We decided to compare the most compelling 8K-capable, full-frame mirrorless cameras to see which was your best option today: the Sony Alpha 1, Canon R5 C, and Nikon Z8.

Nikon flagship retail stores in China

A Look Inside Nikon’s Gorgeously Designed Flagship Stores in China

While dedicated retail centers and shopping malls may be on the decline throughout much of the United States, China is experiencing a shopping mall boom, per the South China Morning Post. Nikon is capitalizing on the surge with three beautiful flagship retail stores in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu.

Sandra Bartocha Nikon petition

Photographer Begs Nikon to Add Multiple Exposure RAW Capture Back

Fine art photographer Sandra Bartocha is an expert with multiple exposure techniques. For some reason, Nikon Z cameras are significantly worse for multiple exposure photography than Nikon's DSLR cameras to the degree that Bartocha has started a petition in hopes of encouraging Nikon to address the problem.

Kolari Nikon Z8 teardown

Z8 Teardown Gives You a Look Inside Nikon’s Latest

Kolari specializes in infrared and ultraviolet photography camera conversions. The company also makes filters and even built a camera out of a potato. As part of its camera conversion work, Kolari often shares teardowns of new cameras, like a detailed teardown of the Sony a1. The latest camera to hit the operating table is the Nikon Z8 full-frame mirrorless camera.

Nikon Z8 strap lug issue

Several Nikon Z8 Owners are Reporting Broken or Loose Strap Lugs

Despite being one of the best cameras for enthusiast and professional photographers, the Nikon Z8 has some issues. Last month, PetaPixel shared news that some Nikon Z8 cameras won't accept lenses. When it rains, it pours. Nikon Rumors reports that some users are experiencing broken strap lugs.

Nikon Z8 vs Sony Alpha 7RV

Sony a7R V vs Nikon Z8: A Battle of Mirrorless All-Stars

I recently stated that the Alpha 7RV is my favorite Sony camera to date, and one of the most ideal platforms for what I want personally in a camera. Since then I've had the pleasure of using the Nikon Z8, and it has definitely made an impression on me as the best Nikon camera I’ve used so far. When we saw that the price was similar, it made perfect sense to do a shoot-out between the two.

Nikon Z8 Service Advisory

Nikon Z8 Recalled: Some Cameras Won’t Accept Lenses

The Nikon Z8 has proven very popular with photographers since its release last month, helping Nikon make a commercial impact that has thus far evaded the iconic camera company in its mirrorless era. However, some unlucky early adopters have experienced an issue preventing them from mounting a lens to the full-frame camera.