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Canon’s Big ‘See Impossible’ Reveal is Just a Promotional Website… and a Huge Disappointment



As rumors swirl of exciting Canon products in the works — rumors, mind you, backed up by promises made by Canon itself — the world waited with bated breath for Canon’s cryptic ‘See Impossible’ teaser countdown to reach zero.

They took out a huge ad in the New York Times, this couldn’t possibly be another big fat teaser letdown could it? Yes… yes it could.

‘See Impossible,’ it turns out, was simply the launch of a new marketing campaign and self-promotion microsite; a ‘messaging vehicle’ that Michael Duffett, VP and general manager of marketing at Canon, told Adweek would help shift Canon’s approach from product-centric to customer-centric.

There’s plenty of places where you can find out about Canon’s products, Duffett explained, but the See Impossible site is the first place where Canon can brag about show you how companies and individuals are actually using those products.

Here are the two ‘See Impossible’ videos that launched on YouTube alongside the campaign.

If you want to explore the Seeing Impossible site for yourself, you can do so here. For our part, we’ll wait for the product-centric part of Canon to release something awesome, maybe at PhotoPlus at the end of this month.

(via Canon Rumors)