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Rumor: Canon to Release 46MP Pro DSLR Next Month

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Talk of Canon dropping a bomb on the megapixel war with a high-MP DSLR is nothing new, but several rumor sites are now reporting on the possibility of a 46MP pro Canon DSLR next month at PhotoPlus in New York City. Take THAT Nikon and your measly 36 megapixels.

The rumor’s birth can be traced back to a trusted users on the fredmiranda.com forum, and as Canon Rumors points out, it could very well be a troll. In fact the trusted rumor site gave the rumor a less-than-enthusiastic vote of confidence when they said they were reporting on it because, “it will surely appear other places so I might as well post it.”

True rumors have started out on shakier ground though, and both CR and Canon Watch say the recently-leaked image of a 11-24mm f/4L lens lends more credence to a new full-frame camera on the way.

The rumored 11-24mm f/4L
The rumored 11-24mm f/4L

Whatever the case, there’s no harm in a bit of speculation and, dare we say it?, hope. With the 7D Mark II taking up the spotlight, it’s not implausible that the company might have managed to keep this one under wraps and is preparing for an October reveal at Photokina.

If it is real, the original thread claims it will cost between $8,000 and $9,000, so it won’t come cheap, but we never expected it to. Stay tuned for more info. If this is indeed real more leaks will very likely follow in the coming weeks.

1 Comment