Infographic Reveals the 30 Most Influential Photographers Across the Web


More so than just about any other form of content, the Internet lives and breathes images. So it’s only natural photographers — and photography as a whole — have an inherit grasp on exploiting the networking, publishing and sharing capabilities the World Wide Web has to offer.

There’s also no denying that some have learned to exploit it better than others, and so WiFi SD Card Maker EyeFi teamed up with marketing agency Evolve! to find out who the 30 most influential photographers across social media are. And while many of the names on the list are obvious, some might surprise you. Read more…

Nikon Kicks Wedding Photographer Doug Gordon out of Ambassador Program


In light of recent reports of repeat plagiarism and other less-than-savory business practices, Nikon has officially removed wedding photographer and educator Doug Gordon from its ambassador program. Read more…

Is The Print Portfolio Making a Comeback In the Age of The Internet?

In an age where social media fatigue is a real and prominent problem, photographer Erik Almas tries to stand out from the crowd by means of the age-old print portfolio. Detailing the ‘whys’ and ‘whats,’ he briefly goes over what it is that made him decide to go back to the physical portfolio and how his work is organized in the interesting video above. Read more…

Nikon Japan Issues Official Apology Over Significant Nikon 1 V3 Shortage


If you’ve been trying to get your hands on a Nikon 1 V3 camera, you’ve been, as the acronym goes, S O L. The camera has been sold out at all major retailers since before the first round of pre-orders went out. In fact, so bad is the shortage that Nikon Japan just issued an official apology. Read more…

external There Are No ‘Kodak Moments’ —Forbes

Kodak was a technical treasure-chest, but the problems that it faced were more marketing than technical, and had less to do with the product(s) than they did with the role that the products played in the customers’ lives. Kodak lacked the ability to either interpret those roles or articulate them in a way that could drive innovations with a higher probability of adoption.

It undoubtedly did not help that Kodak attempted to reduce the risks it was under in the imaging business by diversifying (and dispersing scarce resources and top management attention) into such unfamiliar businesses as pharmaceuticals [with its purchase of Sterling Pharmaceuticals], which further blurred the vision of what the firm stood for and what it aspired to achieve.

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Reports Indicate Shutterfly is Looking for a Potential Buyer


Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that Redwood City-based photo publishing service Shutterfly is looking to sell itself off. Currently in talks with the investment bank Qatalyst Partners to find a buyer, the report explains that these are only preliminary talks and are no guarantee any transaction will go through. Read more…

Canon & Microsoft Sign Patent Agreement, Hints at Canon-Powered PureView Phones


Future iterations of the already-impressive Nokia Lumia PureView cameras might sport Canon tech, thanks to a newly-signed patent agreement between the Japanese camera company and Microsoft, who recently bought Nokia. Read more…

external Curation is Not What It Used to Be —Kaptur

The next big frontier for anyone involved with photography online is content curation. The value of a company dealing with photography is not in its ability to attract a large amount of content – that is the easy part- but rather in its ability to create value to the content by carefully and appropriately curating it.

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TIME Addresses the Fake Ruined Negatives from the Robert Capa D-Day Documentary

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 11.05.11 AM

A month ago we shared with you a video documenting the story behind the ‘lost’ negatives famed conflict photographer Robert Capa captured on D-Day.

In the documentary, there’s a moment where the empty rolls of film are shown, emulsion gone and the plastic worn and tattered. Many of us probably didn’t think twice about the negatives that were shown, but A.D. Coleman and Rob McElroy did, and what they found out was a bit shocking, especially coming from a publication as respected as TIME. Read more…

external Fujifilm Gets It and Sony Doesn’t —The Online Photographer

Profit is like heroin to companies. Fuji camera division executives are probably looking at Sony raking in the bucks with the A7 series and it’s gnawing at their intestines like a hungry hyena. However, they’d be shooting themselves in the foot to make an interchangeable-lens camera with a 24x36mm sensor now. No, scratch that: they’d be shooting themselves in the head*.

We’ve all heard that Sony wants to break the Canikon duopoly and become a major cameramaker. Sadly, it will fail at that goal.

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