external Sigma Confident New 50mm f/1.4 will Best Canon & Nikon, Sets Sights on ZEISS Otus —Imaging Resource


When discussing their goals of image quality and sharpness for the lens, Sigma mentioned they’re confident they’ll surpass competitive products from Canon and Nikon and are instead gunning for Zeiss’s new 55mm Otus lens. It’s a serious claim. The Zeiss 55mm f/1.4 Otus lens — with its $4000 price tag — is squarely aimed at high-end professional shooting such as fashion, advertising and editorial work.

While pricing is not yet available on the new 50mm, Sigma has recently become known for stellar glass on a budget. If this new lens can perform similarly to — or even out-perform — the Zeiss 55mm Otus lens, it should provide some serious competition for photographers looking for a fast, razor-sharp portrait prime.

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  • Fernando Callo

    Why all the Sigma lenses are huge? I mean, this is supposed to be a 50mm not a 85mm or 100mm

  • Adrian G

    Small, Cheap, Good. Pick 2.

  • bob cooley

    if its as sharp as the Zeiss, AND adds autofocus, win win!

  • harumph

    I hope this isn’t a sly way of bracing us for a price tag that’s higher than Nikon and Canon. If it’s $1000, then they can say, “But look how much cheaper it is than the Zeiss.”

  • Fernando Callo

    That size makes me think this lens has a lot of elements inside and I thought that was bad.

  • harumph

    There’s nothing inherently bad about having more elements. It used to mean that there was more potential for lens flare, but these days coating takes care of that problem.

  • Dylan Roberts

    Really hope its around the £500 mark.. :/

  • Eduardnic

    If that will be the price it will be a kick in the balls for Zeiss, so no. Most likely 1000-1300…

  • harumph

    If it’s over $1000, then it’s not going to be much of a kick in the balls to Nikon or Canon though. Sigma has to compete with their pricing, not with Zeiss’s.

  • wylun

    hm.. i’ll stick w/ the 50mm f1.8

  • Dylan Roberts

    Yeah, at the moment the Sigma’s original 50 1.4 is slightly better than Nikon’s 50 1.4 but is only £330 (£30~ more expensive than Nikon’s.) So this new lens will maybe be around £600($900)? At the most, as long as it lives up to everyone expectations. On a side note… The design of the original 50 1.4 Sigma looks soo much “beefier” than this design. But its the new look Sigma’s driving out… as long as it makes clearer images, I got no complaints. xD