Sigma Squashes Rumors and Is Still Manufacturing Lens Filters

Sigma still makes lens filters

Last week, a report came out of Japan suggesting that Sigma was no longer producing lens filters, including its UV protective and circular polarizing filters. Sigma tells PetaPixel that this report is false and that the company still makes filters.

AsobiNet, a great and historically reliable photo blog in Japan, posted on April 4 that based on Japanese camera store information and inventory, it appeared that many Sigma lens filters had been discontinued.

It is often true that retailer information can offer insight into whether a product is no longer being manufactured, in part because camera companies themselves typically play cards very close to the vest and may not officially discontinue products for months or even years after they become hard to find.

However, retailer information does not always reflect the company’s product plans, so PetaPixel contacted Sigma to see if the company had anything to say. Sigma provided the following statement:

Thank you for contacting us regarding the statements on Asobinet’s website regarding SIGMA lens filters being discontinued based off information on a few retail websites in Japan. We can assure you that this information is not correct.

SIGMA continues to manufacture a line of high-quality filters including the WR Circular PL, WR UV, Protector, WR Protector, and WR Ceramic Protector in thread sizes from 46mm to 105mm.

Sigma also added that it prides itself on open and honest communications with its working partners, and that if any products are officially discontinued, the company will tell PetaPixel and other publications directly.

As for American retailers, Sigma filters are readily available in various sizes. The company makes Water Repellant (WR) Circular Polarizer CPL and clear Protector filters, with prices ranging from around $30 to $323 based on the product and size. Unsurprisingly, the most expensive filters are the 105mm diameter ones, which are very big and used only on certain specialized lenses. More common sizes, like 77mm and 82mm, cost around $80 to $180.

It’s good news for photographers that Sigma is still manufacturing its photography filters, because the company, best known for its incredible camera lenses, also makes excellent lens filters.

Image credits: Sigma