Photographer Jess Hess is the victim of an attempted murder and horrible vandalism

Man Tries to Murder Photographer, Destroys Her Home and Gear

Jess Hess of Wurmwood Photography in Dayton, Ohio experienced a photographer's worst nightmare: someone broke into her studio (and home) -- dubbed Castle Morningstar -- and destroyed everything she owned, including her photography equipment. Scarier still, the culprit initially showed up at Hess' home/studio in the early morning hours of February 29 in the hopes of killing her.

How to Set Up a Basic Photo Studio at Home Using Only One Light

Filipino portrait and wedding photographer Jiggie Alejandrino recently released a great beginner's guide to creating a basic photography studio at home. In the video, he shows you how you can set yourself up to take beautiful portraits using just one light, a 5-in-1 reflector, and not much else.

Why Rent a Photo Studio? A Look at the Pros and Cons

If you are like a lot of photographers, you are used to shooting outdoors at a park, the beach or on the city streets somewhere. You guerrilla shoot in interesting locations with whatever gear you have or feel you can get away with.

Inside My Tiny Home Photo Studio

A lot of people seem to think I have a giant photo studio space. I do not. I actually have never had more space than the 2 converted bedrooms I work in now, and not so long ago I was renting a small, bedroom-sized commercial space. And even before that, I used to work in a studio between my bed and my desk. And going even further back, I had to sit on my bed to even be able to shoot a half body.

10 Life Hacks for Your Photo Studio

Having a photography studio is fun, but it is even more fun when you start applying simple and cheap solutions plus common sense to make your shooting experience (and your clients’ experience) smoother.

Rock Star Jack White Launches Photo Lab and Studio

Rock star Jack White, best known as the singer and guitarist of The White Stripes, has launched a new photo lab and studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Called Third Man Photo Studio, the lab is now accepting film from photographers worldwide.

You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune to Have a Great Photo Studio

I have a studio. For those of you that know me -- the author of the Studio Anywhere books, which focus on shooting anywhere but a studio -- this statement may sound oxymoronic or even blasphemous. Nonetheless, after years of shooting in my cramped basement, I finally outgrew my space and needed a slightly larger, dedicated space to have for working with clients.

World’s Oldest Working Photo Studio Shuts Down After Long Legal Battle

Today, a week after an exhibition titled ‘Bourne and Shepherd: Figures in Time’ came to a close in the plush locality of south Delhi, India, Bourne and Shepherd, Asia’s first and the world’s longest functioning photography studio, is closing up shop in Kolkata after 176 years.

Photo Studio Documents Some of their Funniest Stand-In Test Shots

Photography studio Bruton Stroube works with huge brands to create beautiful images, but not every step of the process is so glamorous. In a new Instagram series they call "Test Shot Tuesday," they're sharing some of the fun and ridiculous stand-in shots they capture on their way to a final image.

How I Built My First Photo Studio Over the Course of Three Months

When I was 15 years old, I began saving to become a self-employed photographer who owns her own photography studio. After saving $9,000 through working part-time and having an absolutely miserable first year of university, I decided to bite the bullet and pursue my dream now.

In this post, I will share how I built a photo studio for myself over three months using my savings.

Human Light Suit: A One-Man Band-style Mobile Photo Studio

Photographer Eric Schwabel was trying to think of a creative way to photograph the people at Burning Man, and ended up making a portable photo studio called the "Human Light Suit" for lighting portraits in the desert. It's like the photography version of a one-man band!