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The Ultimate Guide for Creating an Efficient and Effective Lightroom Workflow


When diving into Lightroom, trying to set up a workflow can be a daunting task. Even once you have one in place, trying to stay consistent with it and properly tweak it as needed is a challenge.

Knowing this, the team over at Phlearn has put together a very useful, in-depth video that walks you through the basics of setting up a workflow and learning how to properly maintain it over time.

The tutorial starts off by going over a few basics, before diving into their five step plan, if you will: importing, file structure and naming, editing in Lightroom and Photoshop, exporting images and location, and syncing folders. We have to give them credit, the tutorial goes into just the right amount of detail on each step without getting overwhelming or monotonous.


Rather than giving a completely direct “you must do this” type of presentation of the tutorial, Phlearn’s approach allows you to more easily adapt the workflow they’re presenting to fit your needs. This means that both beginners looking to start fresh and veterans looking to implement some new structure into their workflow can pick and choose elements as needed.

The video comes in just shy of 19-minutes, so it’s a bit of a lengthy watch, but your future self will thank you a great deal for putting in the time now — you’ll be saving far more than 19-minutes when your workflow is properly set up.

(via ISO 1200)