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Back to the Basics: A Simple Workflow for Rating & Flagging Images in Lightroom


No matter how many years you’ve been a photographer or what level you’re on, sometimes it’s important to get back to the basics. To help do just that, Adobe Creative Cloud News has put out a new video that goes through the basics of flagging and rating images in Lightroom.

As expected, there’s not much to the video in terms of details, but it shows off a basic workflow that will be particularly useful for any newcomers to the world of photography. The video covers the best approach to archiving your images, while offering a refresher on how keeping it simple can improve the workflow of even the most seasoned photographer.

The video specifically deals with Lightroom, but the lessons aren’t limited to the one program. These same methods can easily be tweaked for Aperture, Bridge or any other photo organization/RAW editing software you prefer to use.

(via F Stop Lounge)